Dream Of Pulling Hair Out Of Mouth (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream Of Pulling Hair Out Of Mouth

Have you had a recent dream about pulling hair out of your mouth? Are you wondering what it could mean?

These kinds of dreams may leave the dreamer feeling unsettled or confused. After all, pulling hair out of one’s mouth is an unpleasant sensation that most would rather avoid.

Even though it may be a disagreeable situation in real life, dreams about hair in your mouth can have both positive and negative interpretations. It all comes down to the details of your dream, which we will analyze below.

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How to Interpret These Dreams

Not all dreams about hair in your mouth are the same. Interpretations can vary based on:

  • Who is pulling the hair
  • What kind of hair is in your mouth (amount, color, style, etc.)
  • How you feel
  • Who you are with
  • Where you are

Most dream interpretations come from leaders in the field of dream studies, spirituality, or subconscious thinking; however, you may realize what your dream means by feeling connected to one particular interpretation over another.

General Themes

Generally speaking, a lot of stress, major changes in your life, subconscious fears, and certain social issues have a strong influence over your dreams and subconscious mind.

Pulling hair out of your mouth in a dream usually occurs when one of the following is happening in your life:

  • There is a lack of communication or honesty
  • You are trying to transform yourself or your life
  • You have a conflict with someone

1. A Lack of Communication

If you’ve dreamt that you have hair stuck in your mouth or you’re able to pull it out, this could stem from the daily stress you have about communication. Whether it’s with one particular person or you are generally struggling with speaking out in front of others, you have a lack of communication that needs to be addressed.

Think deeply about whether or not you’ve felt muffled lately. Is there anyone who is ignoring your feelings or opinions? Do you feel so intimidated that you keep to yourself when you know you should speak out loud?

These are all signs that it’s time for you to speak up. Your dream is representing you breaking that barrier and being true to yourself. It’s time to start saying what you mean and meaning what you say.

2. A Life Transformation

If you felt relief, shock, or pleasure in your dream when you pulled the hair out of your mouth, this could symbolize a life transformation in your midst. Whether you’re coming from a string of bad luck, feel that you lack guidance, or are trying to find life’s purpose, this dream is a positive sign.

If you’ve been thinking about making a change, this may be the time to do so. Or, conversely, maybe you’re already in the middle of a trial or transformation and feel unprepared or nervous. Take advantage of any resources that are present in your life to chase your ambitions with dignity and confidence.

Take this opportunity to face your endeavors head-on. You have more wisdom than you think, and this dream is a way to push you in the right direction. Remember that you are the most important person in your life.

3. An Interpersonal Conflict

If your dream included someone else that you know, you may be facing an interpersonal conflict with them. There are three ways another individual may present in your dream: by pulling hair out of your mouth or body, you pulling their hair out of your mouth, or having them stand by as you pull hair out of your mouth.

If someone in your dream is the one pulling hair out of your mouth, you may have an issue speaking with this person. They seem to call all of the shots – even when it appears they are helping you – and you are at their whim.

If they pull strands of hair from your armpit, hairy arms, or hairy legs, there is animosity between the both of you that needs to be addressed. This person is causing or will cause you to harm in some way if you don’t change the situation that you’re in.

If this person is a man, you may be contributing to an increase in his wealth or the growth of his business at your expense. If the dream is about a woman’s hair, the representation changes. When you pull out a strand of her hair, her strong personality will be used to reprimand you and cause you humiliation.

If you are pulling hair out of your mouth and realize that the hair doesn’t belong to you, you may be trying to rid yourself of the other person. Their hair symbolizes the way they have controlled or manipulated your life and you’ve reached a point where you want to take back your independence.

Finally, if this person appears in your dream and seems to stand by idly as you pull the hair out of your mouth, you may feel a disconnect with them. There are things you wish they would say to you or do with you, but the space between you both seems to keep growing and it’s affecting your livelihood. You may even see this person or people as your superiors, making you feel less than them.

Use this as a sign to reach out to them. Then, try to fix the bond or break off the relationship altogether if you feel that it’s best.

Dream Of Pulling Hair Out Of Mouth (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Every dream is unique, which means interpretations about pulling hair out of one’s mouth differ.

The size, shape, amount, and color of the hair pulled from your dream is what provides insight into the dream’s true meaning. Interpretations can be true no matter whether the hair in your dream comes from the scalp, eyelashes, eyebrows, wig, or even hair pieces.

1. One Hair

If you pull one straight hair out of your mouth in your dream, this forebodes an issue that will arise in soon. In this case, less hair is a good thing.

Instead of succumbing to helplessness, think of this long strand of hair as an upcoming challenge. If you face it with strength and bravery, it could initiate some positive major changes headed your way.

2. A Wad of Hair

Pulling clumps of hair or a wad of long hair out of your mouth represents a series of problems in your life. Much like one hair can be interpreted as a hurdle, a bun of hair shows that you’ve let multiple problems pile up or let one problem grow too big.

During this time, you may have been neglecting your basic needs. Whether you’re suffering from an illness, facing a financial disaster, at a loss for where to turn, or all three, you cannot ignore these issues any longer.

Avoid fear of wrongdoing and face your problems with courage. If you don’t work now to find medicine and healing, lift yourself out of poverty, or resolve the other issues in your day-to-day life, it might become too late.

3. A Curly Hair

Pulling curly hair or frizzed hair out of your mouth signals that you have been misled. The first person to consider is a strong man in your life or anyone with a strong personality. Have you recently taken advice that may have been given with malice?

Instead of taking this as an offense, consider that plenty of successes are born from mistakes. Avoid further sorrows by doing your due diligence and being more careful with your upcoming decisions.

4. Hair Stuck in Your Mouth

Dreams of hair stuck in your mouth are similar to dreams of bugs in your mouth or of your tooth falling out; all symbolize a weight that is holding you down and destroying your inner peace.

If you’ve only dreamt this once, then it’s a common thing that symbolizes feeling stuck in a corner. The decisions you have made recently are not for your benefit and you’d be well advised to change them while you can.

If you dream that hair is stuck in your mouth on more than one occasion, it could be a sign of respiratory problems such as sleep apnea. Make an appointment and check with your doctor.

5. Dreams with Different Hair Colors

A dream about brown hair symbolizes the expression, “Out with the old, in with the new.” You should see this unwanted hair as a representation of something in your own life that you’re tired of. Use this moment of clarity to make a big change in your life and seek out a person of good character to support you along the way.

A dream about gray hairs is almost always about longevity, sickness, or a combination of the two. Gray hairs symbolize aging, an elderly person, or even the end of life, so if you dream about pulling gray hair out of your mouth you may be facing some sort of threat. This threat could be about your health or regarding the death of a loved one.

A dream about black hair brings an omen of bad luck. As the color black has always been associated with darkness, you’ll soon face a wave of misfortune that could result in depression. Be wary of situations that may bring a loss of money or a broken romantic relationship.

Final Thoughts

When we dream about hair in our mouths, it is often caused by complications we are facing during wakefulness. Our inability to face problems and complications in our daily lives can easily manifest in our dreams. Avoid distress by trying your best to resolve conflicts before bed, and look to the details of your dream to find out how to move forward tomorrow.

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