Dream About Dead Father (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Dead Father

Just last night before I started to write this article, I dreamt of my father who passed away a year ago. 

At first, I felt grief and a sense of longing. However, these emotions are not all about that. There are messages when we dream of our dead father, and in this article, we will tackle the meanings of this dream.

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9 Messages When You Dream About Your Dead Father (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Bereavement dreams are not only for those children whose parents recently passed away. Instead, these dreams are also common in depressed patients

When you dream about your dead father, these messages may also speak of protection and guidance, especially when we think that our parents visited us to give us a sense of encouragement. 

1. Your deceased father has an unresolved problem

One of the main reasons why you dream of your late father is because they have a problem that they failed to resolve when they were still alive. Thus, when they appear in your dreams, they are using you to solve that problem so that they can leave at peace.

Of course, it will be hard for you to learn about this problem, especially when you know nothing about it. What you are encouraged to do is to ask your late father, through prayers, to guide you and find ways to solve the problem. 

I have watched one documentary in the Philippines when all of the children of a dead dad dreamt of their father and a specific part of their house. During that time, the family was left in debt because of the hospital bills they had to pay when their father was still alive.

When the children talked about the dream they had, they decided to open up the sealed part somewhere in their kitchen.

Surprisingly, this area was filled with tubs with thousands of pesos. When the children counted this money, they reached around 3 million pesos, an amount more than enough to pay for their bills.

2. You might be at risk of sickness

When you dream of your dead father, and in your dreams, you are speaking to him, take this as a warning sign to take care of your health. This dream may represent sickness and bad luck. So, if you are going out, make sure to take caution to remain in good health.

Do not be overconfident when making decisions. You may already know how to deal with life struggles but you might still want to ask for help from the people around you, especially when you are making bigger decisions in life.

3. You will have more power soon

If you dream of a dead father, and in your dreams, your father is alive, take this as a sign of good luck. In the near future, you will feel rejuvenated and you will have more power. This power is about achieving your goals and ambitions in life. 

But, as you dream about such an event, you are also encouraged to do your part. Make comprehensive plans ahead and continue working hard to achieve your dreams. Because your deceased parent in your dreams is just a guide for you to choose the right path in life. 

Additionally, if in your dreams, your father hugged you, this is a message for you to seek help from the people around you.

A dead father’s dream means peace, comfort, and happiness, and you will all get these from the people who care for you. Sometimes, the emotions you need in real life are represented by your dreams. If you are seeking relief, you might be dreaming about your late mother or father because they are usually the ones you run to whenever you feel lost.

4. You have arguments that bother you

If you dream of a dead father, and in your dreams, you see his body, this represents the fight you have with someone in your real life. 

You may have been into an argument with another person and this argument is significantly affecting you. This person might be your mother, your partner, or your best friend. Generally, this argument has been all over your mind and you just want to end it.

Come to think of it, last night, as I dreamt of my dead father, I recently had some arguments with my spouse. This argument is about his behavior or trait of not learning how to say no whenever people ask for a favor, even if he cannot do it. I am bothered and have been bothered for a long time now because we always argue about the same issue. 

If you dream about your father, and in your dreams, he is coming home, this is a message for you to introduce forgiveness and peace as well. You are encouraged to make amendments, lower your pride, and not make the situation worse.

5. Your friendship will last long

When you dream of your father, and in your dreams, he died suddenly, this message is not about death or sadness. Instead, it is about longevity, celebration, harmony, and optimism. This dream is a representation of a strong friendship, meaning, you are surrounded by the right people. 

When my father was still alive, he once drove us to the beach. I was with my best friends that day. What’s more interesting is that those friends I was with that day are still my friends today! That was 10 years ago, and this dream truly means I have the best circle of friends!

6. You are torn between doing what is right and wrong

A father’s dream might also represent your conscience. You might be having a hard time in your waking life choosing what is right and wrong. 

Generally, a father is a figure of authority. Whenever we are wrong, they teach us lessons by reprimanding us and giving us consequences. Whenever we are at risk of harm, our fathers act as our protectors, especially when they know that our decisions will lead us to danger.

So, when he appears in your dream, he is trying to help you decide in life. What you need to do is to reflect on your choices and ask yourself if these choices are good or not. If they are not, you might want to quit on them as they will not lead you to the right path. 

7. You failed to tell your father your feelings when he was alive

Your subconscious mind also allows you to dream of your feelings of guilt, regret, and remorse. So, when you dream about the death of your father, you might be having these emotions in your waking life.

Personally, I did not have the chance to see my father for 5 months in person before he passed away. He was hospitalized, and because of the pandemic, we cannot visit him.

Back then, my father and I did not talk much because he did something that disappointed us all. Still, I sent him messages on Facebook about how much I miss and love him, even if he will not have the chance to read it.

I only had the chance to talk to him 7 days before he passed away. My father was not techy at all. He asked the patient beside his room to search for me on Facebook. That was the only time we talked again.

It is true that I failed to tell my father my feelings of love and care for him when he was still alive, and this might be the reason why he always appears in my dreams, especially at night when I think of him.

For those who are reading this, you might want to tell not just your father but your mothers as well about how much they are dear to you, or else, you will lose the chance. 

8. You are disappointed with yourself

A dead father’s dream also represents your daytime emotions. In real life, there is this negative emotion when we feel that we are left behind no matter how hard we work. 

Our colleagues are getting promoted, a childhood friend getting pregnant, and family members getting their own homes. Of all these successes for them, we sometimes ask ourselves: when will it be my turn?

If we feel that we are stuck in the same position in life and feel frustrations and disappointments towards ourselves, there is a chance of dreaming about our dead father. Like your father who is always encouraging you, take this dream as a reminder to always accept the timeline for you.

Remember, better things will always come at the right time, right place, and to those who know how to wait. 

9. Someone has authority over you

When you dream of your dead father, and in your dreams, he is criticizing you, this is a message for you that someone in your waking life has authority over you.

What is kind of alarming is that this person is dominating everything in your life, and this dominance is hindering you from achieving success in life. 

Generally, you fear this person that is why you allow this kind of treatment. But, your father in your dream is trying to tell you to get away from this toxic person.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, the dream meanings of dead fathers are more positive. These positive dreams are messages of help, guidance, comfort, and warnings or signals that we can use to improve our way of living.

They are also a reminder for us to learn how to forgive and move forward. 

If you dream about your father’s death, you are encouraged to find the hints your father is telling you as these might help their souls move with peace into the afterlife.

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