Dream About Water? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Water

Water is life. And in the spirit world, it represents emotions and transitions. Particularly, water is a powerful portal between realms. So what does it mean when you dream about water? The messages carried in the waves are dependent on perspective and context. The quality, color, and clarity of the water matters too. Let’s dive in and see what this means.

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Dream About Water (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

1. Sadness and Healing

How do you feel when it rains? For kids, rain means fun games, splashing in puddles, and skipping school! In movies, scenes with people staring out of the window are accompanied by low mood lights and somber music. This makes the shot feel sad and possibly nostalgic.

So what does it mean when you dream about water falling from the sky aka rain? It could mean you’re subconsciously unhappy about something. Ask your spirit guides to show you more. The tears could also represent the cleansing tears of mourning and emotional healing.

2. Refreshment and Rejuvenation

Let’s talk about hydration. We’re advised to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water every day. That’s about 2 liters or half a gallon. Some studies go as high as 15.5 cups of fluid for men and 11.5 cups for women. This replaces we lose through sweating, peeing, and other daily functions.

If you dream about drinking water from a cup, glass, or bottle, it suggests you’re invigorating your mind in some way. It also indicates renewing your spirit. This dream implies a desire for (or absence of) spiritual connection. Seek further clarification from the angels.

3. Take the Plunge

Say you dream that you’re standing near a massive water body in a bathing suit. Check your feelings during the dream. You might be bouncing on your toes in anticipation. Or peeking warily at that potentially cold pool. You might even have your arms out in a diving pose.

This dream concerns an important decision or opportunity. You may be waffling as you pick your options. Maybe you’re waiting for a sign, or you know what you should do but you don’t want to. Your angels are saying you should hold your breath and dive in. They’re with you.

4. Clarity and Murk

Is the water in your dream clean or dirty? Whether it’s in a mug, a swimming pool, or the ocean, the message is the same. You might be looking through a tumbler and you can see the other side. Or you may be watching a pond, river, or aquarium and you can spot the bottom.

In this type of dream, water represents your emotional state. This could be an overall feeling or your sentiments about a particular event. Clear water suggests clarity and calm in your spiritual space while dirty water signifies unease and angst. Your angels can clue you in.

5. Change is Coming

The water in your dream isn’t always stationary. It could be flowing from a faucet or waterfall. It might even trickle through a crack in the rocks, or drip through a leak in the roof. Running water is a symbol of significant change in the physical and spiritual world.

Look for the source, speed, and systems of the water. Can you control it? You could pour water out of a glass, or shut the tap to stop the liquid. Or be overwhelmed by water gushing from a broken showerhead. The pace of the water shows how quickly change will come.

6. Self-Care Crisis

Bathtubs are a common item in water dreams. You could go through the entire ritual of running the bath and filling it with bubbles, bombs, and flower petals. Or you could start the dream already in the tub, with your eyes closed, a good book, and soothing music playing.

This is a fairly straightforward dream. No, it doesn’t mean you’re dirty or reeking with B.O. It means you need to take the time out to pamper yourself. You need some me-time, whether it’s a walk in the woods, a shopping trip, a night on the town, or a fancy dinner just for you.

7. Perfect Timing

What does it mean when you dream about descending into water? This dream could take various forms. You might be walking down the steps into a swimming pool, strolling on the sand towards the ocean, or even slipping into a hot spring, or slinking into a hot tub spa.

Knowing that water represents both emotions and portals, this dream says ‘The time is right, do it now!’ You might get this dream when you have an important decision to make, a project to launch, or a task to do. You didn’t know when you should do it, and the dream says ‘Go!’

8. Trouble is Coming

Dreaming about a leak is never a good sign. But you might have a more specific dream about puddles of water spread around your yard. Maybe even inside the house! Kids love these – it’s an excuse to splash about and play! But for adults, that’s just one more thing to clean up.

Stagnant water can carry pests, breed bugs, and encourage diseases. So if you dream about puddles around the house, your angels are warning you that something could go wrong at home. Your property or family may face misfortune, so call on your angels for protection.

9. Fear of Exposure

Some people love water so much they could be mermaids. Others are so terrified of it that they break out in hives. Curiously, a sudden fear of water could be a sign of rabies. So what does it mean when you dream of refusing to enter water, whether it’s a pool, lake, or shower?

This dream could be a kid who won’t bathe for weeks, a teen who lies to skip swimming lessons, or a professional diver that suddenly freezes at the springboard. All these dreams suggest you’re scared of being exposed. There’s something you don’t want people to know…

10. Loss of Property

In certain contexts, water can represent wealth, cash, or property, both literally and metaphorically. So what does it mean when you dream about water spilling? First, think about what poured the water. Was it you, your kids, your workmates, or a stranger?

Did the person deliberately spill the water or was it an accident like a broken bottle? That wasted water implies the loss or destruction of property, so it could indicate theft, water damage, or even getting fired and losing your source of income. This dream is a nightmare!

11. Seeking or Giving Love

Let’s look at another type of dream. What does it mean when you see yourself watering plants? Most of the time, water symbolizes emotions. And if you’re watering plants, you’re nurturing them and taking care of them. So this dream implies the need to care for someone.

You have a lot of love in you and you’d like to share it with others. Watering a garden indicates occasional affection while watering potted plants is something more consistent. The dream means you want to love and be loved, so hopefully, the dream plants thrived …

12. Possible Ailments

Skipping rocks is a popular game among kids (and adults too!) It’s when you flick pebbles off the surface of a calm lake, pond, or pool, causing calming ripples. The goal is to have the stone bounce as many times as possible before it disappears beneath the cool clear waters.

But for this dream, we’re focused on the disturbance. What does it mean when you dream of rippling fluid? This usually indicates an illness or injury you’re unaware of. Your spirit guides are letting you know something is wrong inside your body. Seek medical attention quickly!

13. Job Stability

In the modern world, a lot of us get water from faucets. And since water is life, the faucet becomes an efficient dream symbol for earning a living. So what does it mean when you dream about a faucet? Think about how easy or fun it was to use the tap during the dream.

A tap that flows steadily means your angels are reassuring you that your job is secure. Things are going well, you’ll be profitable for a long time. But if the tap is dripping, if it squeaks, or if you turn the tap and nothing comes out, you may have to work extra hard to earn any money.

14. Prostate Problems

Do you remember potty training your child (or housebreaking your pet) by fiddling with the tap? The idea was to trigger them to pee on demand. Similarly, dreams about water in faucets can be a spiritual sign of health issues related to your kidney, bladder, or prostate.

These conditions are characterized by pain and difficulty when peeing. So if you dream about a tap that won’t work properly, trickles when you open it, refuses to release water at all, or if the water comes out slow, smelly, or rusty it may be a good time to visit your local urologist.

15. Change Your Church

In the Bible, water represents salvation, eternal life, and spiritual cleansing. This is why Christians are baptized and/or christened with water. It can also be a symbol of The Holy Spirit. In the Old Testament, God led the Israelites through the desert using a big cloud.

That’s basically a cluster of condensed water.  So suppose you have a specific dream about the ceiling in your place of worship. This could be a church, a temple, or even a mosque. This probably means your church doctrine is fishy, so you may need to find a new spiritual home.

16. Emotional Status

Earlier, we explained how dreams about clear or murky water can represent your emotional state. Let’s take it a step further. Are you the type of person that plays with your feelings and swims in your emotions? Are you more detached, suppressing, or repressing everything?

In both cases, your spirit guides can send water into your dreams to communicate with you. If your dream has calm, still lakes or swimming pools, you’re feeling calm. Your emotions are well balanced. Dreaming of a river or ocean means you should fish for unexpressed feelings.

17. Pregnancy and Birth

Try to recall any steamy scene in your favorite book, TV show, or movie. Even the fact that we describe them as steamy – hot water vapor – shows the connection between water and sensuality. In this way, water dreams can provide information about your desires and libido.

For women, water has the added element of signifying fertility and family. So a couple that sees water in their dreams could be planning for pregnancy, or they might already have a baby on board. Consider the feelings in the dream to know your attitude towards the baby.

18. Loss of Control

Dreams about falling are often a jolt from your guardian angel. They might mean you’re flailing in fear and anxiety. So what does it mean if you dream about falling into water or being pushed into water? Both dreams show unwillingness, but a shove implies malice.

Think about what you felt when you hit the water, and what you did immediately after. If you were screaming and your body froze in fright, you’re burying feelings you don’t want to deal with. If you were pissed off and struggling to come back up, you’re ready for confrontation.

19. Emotional Maturity

Do you know people who refuse to feel? They might say things like, ‘feelings are not facts’. Or ‘if I start crying I’ll never stop.’ These people are afraid to engage their emotions and prefer to focus on logic. But even these rational dreams may occasionally deal with water dreams.

So what does it mean if someone like this dreams of swimming underwater? You might see yourself as a champion diver, or even a mermaid.  Maybe you held your breath for a while then ‘discovered your gills’. It means you’re finally ready to explore those scary sentiments.

20. Learn Versatility

Water has different qualities and uses in its various states. As solid ice, it chills and preserves. As a liquid, it can cleanse and nourish. As a gas (steam) it can scald, but it can also generate electricity. And water can mold its shape into whatever container it finds itself in.

So what does it mean if your dream contains all these? Maybe you’re in the kitchen drinking ice coffee while watching a whistling kettle. Or maybe it’s a constantly shifting dream where you see icebergs and geysers. Your spirit guides are calling you to be flexible and resourceful.

21. Deal with Your Depths

In the previous dream, your angels may have noticed you’re being stubborn and rigid about something, so they’re advising you to go with the flow, just like Bruce Lee. But what does it mean when you dream about water that has living creatures in it? Worms, fish, or monsters?

This dream uses water as a cavern of emotion. The things moving in the water represent your unacknowledged feelings. Fish could be spiritual food, something beneficial. Snakes and eels could be negative sentiments. Your heavenly helpers want you to deal with it all, good or bad.

When was the last time you dreamed about water? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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