Dream About Praying Mantis? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Praying Mantis

Waking from a dream about a praying mantis may confuse you because this kind of dream is not common with a lot of people. However, these dreams hold powerful meanings and have important symbolic features; hence making it important you know the interpretation of such dreams.

A dream about the praying mantis may imply new opportunities, meditation, good luck, courage, power and dominance. Alternatively, it could also symbolize patience and serve as a warning of possible threats.

There are several symbolic interpretations of a dream about a praying mantis, along with specific scenarios that will help determine your dream’s true meaning. This guide aims to educate you on all the possible implications of your praying mantis dream.

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The Praying Mantis Symbolism (Dreams Meaning)

The Praying Mantis Symbolism (Dreams Meaning)

There are symbols of a praying mantis that will help you determine the meaning of your dream. These symbols represent what a praying mantis stands for, and should you see one in your dream, the symbolic meanings below can help with the interpretation.

1. New Opportunities

The praying mantis is one insect that is capable of taking full advantage of its surroundings. As such, dreams about this insect are intended to give you an awareness of the new opportunities around you.

Like the praying mantis, you possess the rare ability to use your intuition to your advantage. You have a good grasp on interpreting situations around you and this helps to open yourself up to new opportunities that come your way.

Furthermore, when you have dreams like this, it helps to guide you and show you that in whatever situation you may find yourself, the important fact is that you can take complete advantage and make the best out of impossible situations.

2. Meditation

The praying mantis’s appearance is one that is simple, calm and focused. This is a standard meditating position, which is why the mantis represents meditation.

Dreams like this show that you are a meticulous and calculating person. You approach the situations in your surroundings with a contemplative and calm stance, highlighting your mindfulness and critical thinking.

Praying mantises thrive in a calm environment, and you can say the mantis is your spirit animal because you exhibit similar calculative traits that make this insect famous. It is common for you to have dreams about the mantis if you have a similar lifestyle.

In addition to this, meditation relates closely with the symbol of peace and harmony because meditation aims to attain physical and inner peace for the purpose of maintaining the calm around you.

3. Good Luck

Many cultures in different parts of the world link the presence of a praying mantis to a sign of good luck. If you dream about a praying mantis, it can be a sign that good fortune will come your way very soon, so do well to prepare yourself for the good luck that is about to come your way.

This expected good fortune could be in your finances, health, career opportunities, romantic relationships, or even a simple friendship. Whatever the case may be, a dream about this insect signals a symbol of good luck which is a good omen in your waking life.

One such group that strongly believes this are the Native Americans; they attribute a praying mantis’s presence not only in the waking world but also in their dreams through the subconscious as a sign of wealth and success coming their way.

4. Courage

In the eastern part of the world, particularly in countries like China and Japan, the praying mantis symbolizes courage and bravery. People from these countries are known to associate this insect with the courage the military display, making it a significant symbol.

When a praying mantis moves, the charge is always forward toward a particular goal, and even in the face of danger, they do not retreat. This is a quality appreciated in militias which is why the mantis represents this feature.

For these reasons, It would be best that you do not base the symbolic representation of the praying mantis on its size alone. You will find that aside from the physical appearance, there are other behavioral traits of praying mantises that give them their symbolic meanings.

5. Power and Dominance

You may not know this, but the praying mantis has a power-driven side, making it one of the most vicious creatures out there. This is evident in their post-mating ritual, which requires the female mantises to eat the male head first after mating.

Your dreams about the mantis may represent viciousness that may not be evident in your waking life. As little as they appear, these creatures are not always the prey and they possess the will and strength to subdue larger creatures.

This power play, as it relates to your dream, points to your inner strength. You may think you do not have what it takes to defeat a bigger phenomenon, but like the praying mantises, you are capable of so much more, especially because others already underestimate your abilities.

6. A Symbol of Patience

The praying mantis is a patient creature, and because of their little size, they tend to tread carefully and slowly, never rushing its activities especially when hunting prey. These insects do not actively pursue but wait for the opportunity for prey to come closer to them.

A dream about this insect serves as a reminder and in extreme cases a warning for you to be patient and take things slowly. Perhaps you are the kind of person to rush a process or worry when your plans do not go as planned, when you have this sort of dream, remember to be patient.

You need to learn to be patient because you risk physical, emotional and mental exhaustion if you do not rest. Remember that balance is key; sometimes, you need to be patient and everything will fall into place.

7. Possible Threats

The praying mantis is one insect that blends so easily with its environment that it’s not surprising many people mistake it for a grasshopper or other type of fly. However, such mistakes will not end well as these other insects are prey to the mantis.

If you see these mantises in your dream, it means that evil pretenders who do not have your best interest at heart are beginning to surround you.

The praying mantis dream acts as the calm before the storm. It is incredibly calming knowing that you are prepared for whatever changes that you may face especially when it is a negative one like betrayal from a friend.

Interpretations of Specific Dreams About Praying Mantis

Interpretations of Specific Dreams About Praying Mantis

There are details in your dream that can help you pick out the true meaning of any praying mantis dream you’ve experienced. Here are some specific scenarios to consider, and it would be best to observe these scenarios from your dream and use them to determine the meaning.

1. Dream of Dead Praying Mantis

A dead praying mantis in your dream represents all the obstacles pulling you back and preventing you from living up to your full potential. This obstacle can be from trauma of the past you are yet to deal with. So, when you see a dead praying mantis in your dream, it is a reminder that you need to let it go.

Furthermore, this dream could be born from overthinking and because you feel you have suffered a significant loss especially when you lose a romantic relationship, you shut yourself out from the world and start reading meanings to any activity around you.

2. Dream of a Green Praying Mantis

This scenario in your dream is usually a bad omen because a green mantis can hide in its surroundings, meaning there may be an unexpected scare or danger lurking.

It could also be possible that very soon you will receive unexpected sad news that will cause you to break down and this may cause depression and sadness. You will need courage to be able to go through this situation.

3. Dream of a Mantis in a Glass Jar

This dream implies that although you are in a difficult situation, you should not worry because your knowledge and favorable behavior will help you get through these challenging times.

You already have the willingness and the courage to navigate through the most difficult times in your life; hence your character is all you need to tip the scale in your favor so you can overcome your struggles.

Religious Interpretation of a Praying Mantis Dream

Religious Interpretation of a Praying Mantis Dream

Asides from the fact that the praying mantis is known to a praying position, there are other connotations that religion gives this insect. Animals like these often serve as a lesson or spiritual symbol for the followers.

For Christianity, this insect symbolizes piety. Many Christians believe that if they see the mantis especially in a dream, it must mean they are right with God, and God intends to favor them. They also believe it is a sign of their guardian angel around them.

In Islam, the meaning is similar because they believe that the mantis faces Mecca, the holy land and since the insect has a praying stance, they believe a dream like that points you to the holy land so you can be one with God.

The Praying Mantis as a Totem Animal

Your totem animal refers to your spirit guide, and it speaks volumes when you dream about your spirit animal. They are your messengers from a spirit world sent to guide you on your journey in life.

The praying mantis as a totem represents strong intuition and resilience, so a dream about this insect shows you that you possess these qualities, and as you go through your journey in life, you will move around with these qualities.

Final Thoughts

The praying mantis is not a common spirit animal, but it remains a fascinating symbolic animal, making dreams about these creatures intriguing. They carry both negative and positive connotations depending on the situation.

A dream about this creature usually applies to the situation and circumstances surrounding your real life, so you should use your intuition and observe your space to decipher the meaning of this dream correctly.

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