Dream of Saving Someone from Drowning (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream of Saving Someone from Drowning (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Saving someone in a dream is a favorable sign; it means you’re making a substantial effort to solve problems, grant comfort to people around you, and step up to unpleasant situations.

Saving a drowning person in dreams is closely related to spiritual communication. The waves may indicate that you’re going through a series of emotions and processing different thoughts simultaneously.

Perhaps someone related to you is giving you sleepless nights and causing you distress; assuming the role of a lifeguard in your dream may mean you’re trying to escape from that environment and save yourself- it depicts internal struggle.

Here, we discuss and examine the spiritual interpretation of these dreams, what it means to dream of drowning and what failing to rescue a drowning person in a dream means.

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Dream of Saving Someone from Drowning (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

If you find yourself saving someone in a dream, we strongly recommend that you try to recollect who the person was, their relationship to you, and the outcome of your act (successful or not).

We’ll address the shared dreams of saving people from drowning and what they mean below.

1. Saving an Adult from Drowning

When you find yourself saving an adult from drowning in deep waters, it may be related to your personal or spiritual growth. Such dreams may also indicate that you’ll receive awards and recognition in life and experience a feeling of satisfaction.

If the dream is cast in an artificial body of water like a swimming pool or lake, it means that people will come to you for life-saving advice and guidance on sensitive issues as they see you as a worthy solace. Do not turn them away, do your best to engage and help them make the best choice.

2. Saving your Significant Other from Drowning

If your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend is drowning in your dream, it may mean your relationship/friendship is in a bad state and needs help (Therapy, Prayers). However, making a move to save them is a good sign as it indicates that you’re trying to save that failing relationship in real life.

One of the reasons you may save someone from drowning in your dream can also be related to your innermost desire to be loved, praised, and applauded for doing something significantly heroic.

Since dreams deal with the spiritual and subconscious, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they reveal what the ordinary eye can never see.

3. Saving a Child from Drowning In a Dream

Seeing yourself saving a child from drowning in a dream may be a call from your inner child. It’s primarily a negative feeling and a nightmare rather than a dream. They are not remotely associated with hydrophobia or the ocean; they address a person’s emotional state.

Saving a child from drowning means you are concerned about losing an inexperienced person in your life whom you’re very protective of.

If the child is a stranger or unrelated to you, it may mean that your subconscious mind is trying to protect your inner child from unforeseen circumstances in reality.

The relationship between the gender of the child you’re trying to save, and the act is also very significant.

A drowning girl may mean you have a shaky relationship with a female figure in your life. On the other hand when your dream involves saving a drowning boy that means you harbor deep fears over your son, or you’ll meet a forceful and dominant male figure on your journey in life.

Alternatively, seeing someone else’s son drowning in your dream means you’re in some form of trouble, feeling threatened or unsafe in your surroundings. A drowning baby connotes the inability of a new idea to grow and failure due to improper planning.

On a positive note, saving a drowning baby means that your ideas and aspirations will see the light of day and perform excellently, and you will be successful in your dealings in life.

4. Saving Your Ex-Girlfriend From Drowning

Dreaming about your former romantic partner after a breakup usually means there’s a bit of tension, conflicts, and unsettled agreements in your current relationship that could potentially ruin the arrangement.

Your present partner’s actions are evoking emotions similar to the ones you felt in your past relationship.

When you save your ex-girlfriend from drowning, it means that you’re willing to work on issues and resolve the conflicts in your current relationship. You have decided to put the past behind you including the recurring emotions.

5. Saving Your Relative from Drowning

Relatives include your parents, siblings, and other extended family members. When you save your parents from drowning in a dream, it may mean that some bitter experiences you have from your past require proper resolution.

Your spirit tells you to let the painful memory/past go from your subconscious and your heart as it stunts your growth and progress somewhere in your life.

If you dream about the salvation of someone in your extended family, it may mean the person is going through a difficult phase in their life, whether personal, financial, or severe illness, and you need to intervene.

Be mindful of ‘Drowning’ as it may also mean that the affected person may not be willing to take your advice or accept your help. It may also mean they’re in denial about their current problem.

6. Saving a Stranger from Drowning

Dreams happen most unusually and indirectly. You may find yourself saving a stranger you’re in no way related to from drowning in your dream; while this is amusing, it may also mean that you have issues with control and feelings of identity loss.

Perhaps you’ve been having difficulty finding yourself, battling severe imposter syndrome or depression, or feeling a loss of direction and purpose on your spiritual, physical, and mental journey.

Saving a stranger from drowning may also mean that you’re treading on a wrong, purposeless, dangerous path- something life-threatening, full of harm, and treachery. It could be an addiction problem, an unhealthy lifestyle that can threaten your health, or a bad habit you’ve picked up over the years.

The stranger drowning is a strong warning that you need to drop that habit, get over the addiction and pick a better path, as failing to do so may bring dire consequences or cause great misfortune in the future.

On the flip side, this is a genuine act of kindness and a sign of protectiveness at any length, or you need to take a step in fixing an anomaly in your immediate environment.

If you’ve saved a stranger from drowning in your dream, you’re out of the dark about your emotional well-being; you are fully aware and have embraced your underlying personalities that have been left fallow for years.

It means you’re finally out of your shell with a renewed, independent mind, ready to be the person you’ve always wanted instead of playing by other people’s rules and being a people pleaser.

What Does it Mean When You’re Drowning in a Dream?

If you are the one drowning in your dream, it may mean you’re feeling burdened, enveloped in sadness, and overwhelmed. Drowning follows three processes: loss of Control, discomfort, and drowning, all of which may depict your negative emotions.

If you drown in an ocean, usually due to a big wave, it means someone dear to your heart betrayed you. If the drowning happens on a sinking boat, it may mean you have a fear of being left alone- you’re experiencing grief because you lost someone, and now you see that in your dream.

Spiritually, drowning may also mean you’re falling into sin, thereby displeasing the almighty, and this may come with substantial consequences.

What Does it Mean when you Fail to Rescue Someone From Drowning in The Dream?

In your bid to rescue a drowning person in your dream, you may fail. You are wondering what this means. It signifies that you somehow believe the person isn’t worth saving or you’re not in the best position to save them, whether in terms of physical strength or spiritual prowess.

Failing to save a person from drowning in your dream may also mean that you’re at a loss for help, filled with guilt over a previous act, deeply involved in a bad deal, and you can’t do anything to fix the situation without causing severe damage.

Final Notes

Be it an adult, a stranger, your spouse, or a child, saving someone from drowning in your dream shouldn’t be treated with levity or brushed off as one of those random dreams you have. You must pay close attention and unravel the dream interpretations. Examine the interpretations we’ve discussed and examine your life.

When was the last time you saved someone from drowning in your dream? Let us know the juicy details in the comments section.

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