Dream of Crush Hugging You (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream of Crush Hugging You (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Having a dream about your crush is one that’s likely to be filled with a range of emotions. And especially if the dream involves your crush hugging you, you could come away feeling joy as well as a sense of belonging. Moreover, having a dream about your crush can say a lot about how you’re feeling at the moment.

It’s not uncommon to dream of your crush, and in this article, we’ll go through some of the common crush-related dreams so you can better understand why these dreams happen and what they mean. We hope you use what you learn here about dream meaning to pursue new opportunities in waking life. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s begin.

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Why Do People Dream About Their Crushes?

Nobody knows exactly why people dream about their crushes. In many cases, a person will dream about their current crush because they want something more with this person.

And in other cases, a person dreams about their crush because they see the relationship they have with their crush—whether one exists in real life or not—as a reflection of how they are as a person.

Since there are a variety of crush dreams, the specific elements in each dream are critically important, as these often indicate (better than anything else) why you’re having a dream of a crush. Now let’s get into what crush dreams say about how we feel:

What Dreaming About Your Crush Says About How You’re Feeling

Since what we see in dreams is largely influenced by our subconscious, dreams, where a crush is interacting with you, can say a lot about how you’re feeling. Here are some feelings that are associated with these dreams:

1. Happiness

Happiness is often associated with crush dreams because few things make a person happier than finding a new crush, especially when there’s potential for a serious relationship to develop. You’ll know this is a positive dream if you feel like you’re walking on clouds when your crush enters your dream world.

2. Adventurous

Dreaming about a crush can also speak to your adventurous nature. Remember that each new relationship is a unique, new beginning, so when you get a new crush it’s likely the attraction will completely occupy your thoughts.

3. Confident

A crushed dream may also indicate you’re feeling confident and free of self-esteem issues. And perhaps dreaming of the person you’re crushing on will be enough to compel you to express your feelings. In short, if things go well when you express feelings in your dreams, it’s likely you’ll feel the confidence needed to replicate this in real life.

4. Longing

If you’re dreaming about your crush, it could indicate that you’re longing for affection, passion, intimacy, or deep desire. Especially if your crush has not acknowledged you in real life, a feeling of longing may bring on these dreams.

5. Doubtful

Not all crush-related dreams are good. Some can make you feel doubtful and diminish your self-confidence. Perhaps you are rejected by your crush in the dream, or maybe you only get their attention because you possess qualities in a dream world that you don’t have in real life.

These dreams can cause you to wake up feeling upset, and if this happens you should examine the dream and make sure you’re being fair to yourself.

6. Inferior

Like some crush dreams can make you feel doubtful, others can make you feel inferior. Perhaps you have a crush on somebody who rejects you harshly in a dream. If you have such a dream, don’t let it take the wind out of your sails, as if you keep looking for better things and good luck will find you.

Dream of Crush Hugging You (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

One of the most common crush-related dreams is a dream where you and your crush share a hug. And because this is a common dream, it has been deeply analyzed, to the point where who gives the hug is significant. Here’s the deeper meaning behind crush-hug dreams:

1. You Hug Them

If you’re the one giving them a hug, this could mean that you’re looking for something more with the person and possessing the confidence to tell them this in real life. You may even get a kiss from such action. This could also mean you’re seeking affection and looking to fill a void with friendship and passion.

2. They Hug You

When your crush initiates the hug in a dream, this could be your subconscious mind telling you that you believe the person is interested. It’s likely you’ll have this dream if you’ve already gotten a hug from your crush.

The circumstances surrounding what brought on the hug are also important. If it’s just a casual hello hug, it could be a sign that you really should stay friends. A supportive, passionate embrace, on the other hand, communicates deep emotions and hidden feelings. This dream should be viewed as a positive omen.

3. How Long Is the Hug?

How long the hug lasts is significant as well. If it’s a long hug, this could mean that your feelings for this person are serious and you’re not just attracted to superficial qualities. On the other hand, if it’s a brief hug, this could mean that the two of you don’t share the same feelings.

What Does It Mean if You’re Dreaming of Multiple Crushes?

If you’re dreaming about multiple crushes, this could mean that you’re more interested in the thrill of flirting and brief sexual encounters than getting to know one specific crush. You may not dream about different crushes in the same dream, but you may have dreams about different crushes frequently.

Dreaming about different crushes can also indicate you’re indecisive and lacking a certain level of maturity. You may also disregard jealousy and the frustration that individuals seek when they have to chase their crush. For such a person, adventure is much more fun than building a relationship with one person.

What Does It Mean if You’re Dreaming About an Old Crush?

Dreaming about an ex-crush usually means that you two haven’t reached closure. You may think that you have nothing left to say to this person, but it could be that you’re quietly looking for unexpected good news that’ll usher in a new chapter.

Especially if the situation is complex, dreams like this could bring on anxiety. If you have a current love, you may be dreaming of an ex-crush because you’re comparing your current relationship with the old one.

Usually, when a person does this, it means the current relationship isn’t all that great. Dreaming about an ex-crush can also mean you’re longing for life as it was back then, but in this case, you need to recognize that progress is good and that too much nostalgia can actually be destructive.

What Does Dreaming of a Rejection by Your Crush Represent?

Dreaming about a rejection could mean that you are fearful of this in real life. This won’t be a dream but a nightmare. It could also mean that you’re feeling inadequate, or that you don’t have a good way of expressing your feelings at the moment.

A dream of rejection could also indicate insecurities you have. Perhaps you’re having problems at work or you’re struggling with connecting with family members. A dream of rejection could also simply mean you’re letting out sadness.

What Does It Mean if Your Crush Dies in a Dream?

Your crush dying in a dream is a bad sign. This can indicate that you feel your window of opportunity is closing. It could also symbolize that deep down you think you’ll never be with them.

How your crush dies is significant as well. If you could save them, and you don’t, this could mean that your feelings for them aren’t genuine. If you try to save them and you fail at doing so, this could indicate that you feel unworthy and doubtful.

You Save Your Crush in a Dream: What Does This Mean?

Saving your crush in a dream could demonstrate that you’re feeling confident enough to tell them how you feel about them. Having this kind of dream could also indicate that you’re feeling worthy of their time, affection, and attention. You may also be having this dream because you feel you’re better than the others who are pursuing your crush.


The next time you have a dream about your current crush, an ex-crush, a celebrity crush, or a childhood crush, pay attention to what’s going on in the dream and how you feel when you wake up.

And if you have a dream where your crush is hugging you, you’ll likely wake up feeling confident, happy, and ready to put yourself out there. This is the perfect time to tell your crush how you feel, so capitalize on the momentum!

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