Dream About Color Purple? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Color Purple

Did your dream consist of a lot of the color purple?

Purple is popular for its cool and attractive essence—purple results from a mix of red and blue, contrasting colors in their own right. Red represents danger, anger, and authority in many cultures and societies. On the other hand, blue is a cool color associated with neutrality, professionalism, and peace.

For this reason, when you see the color purple in a dream, it could be a positive or negative sign. The dream interpretation also depends on the actual context, atmosphere, and how the dream made you feel.

Generally, purple is the color of royalty, authority, luxury, vitality, and good health. When you see purple in your dreams, try writing everything you remember about the night vision in your dream journal.

Contextualizing your dream will help you better understand the meaning and symbolism.

If you’ve wondered: what does the color purple mean in a dream? I wrote this article just for you! Here, I will explain common interpretations of the color purple in a dream.

So, let’s jump in and unpack the meaning of seeing purple in your dream.

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Dream About Color Purple (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

1. It is a sign of divine guidance

Purple is the crown chakra color located at the top of our heads. When you see purple in your dreams, it denotes your relationship with the spiritual and divine.

This dream shows that you should pay close attention to your intuition and listen closely to your spiritual guides. If you have been thinking about a solution to a problem, your spiritual guides may show you signs leading you to the solutions, but you must keep your heart and mind open.

Seeing the color purple in your dream could also be a wake-up call to pay closer attention to your spiritual life. If you have neglected spiritual practices that once grounded you, this dream could signify that you should return to these important practices.

2. A longing to create something meaningful

The color purple is associated with creativity. Dreaming about variations of purple, such as lilac, could point to your desire to build a meaningful life for yourself and your loved ones.

You have been thinking a lot about your legacy and want to do what it takes to build a life that will outlive you long after you are gone.

You might also see the color purple in your dream if you are in the middle of a creative endeavor such as writing a book, composing music, or drafting a script.

Seeing purple in your dream during a creative endeavor is a good sign. It means you are headed in the right direction, and divine guidance is illuminating your path.

3. Authority in your professional life

In many cultures, the color purple is associated with authority figures such as the priesthood or royalty. So, when you dream about this color, it has to do with the theme of authority in your life.

You might dream about the color purple if you conflict with an authority figure in your professional life, such as your boss or career mentor. There are some issues you disagree over which has been a major cause of stress in your life.

Seeing purple in your dream could also denote your desire for a higher position in your career. You are gunning for career progress, and in particular, you aspire for a position of higher authority than you are in right now. This dream signifies that you should pursue your goals and let no one stop you.

4. You are in love and vulnerable

The color purple is popular at weddings and love events, so dreaming about this beautiful color is a good sign of your love life.

If you have wanted to be in a romantic relationship, dreaming about the color purple is a sign that soon the love of your life will come to you.

This color also symbolizes good fortune in your current relationship. Your relationship will become even more loving, blissful and beautiful like the color purple. It could even be that wedding bells are just around the corner!

You should be careful not to entangle yourself too much in a new relationship. Purple is also a color symbolizing vulnerability, so if you have just met someone, you should be careful not to give too much at your own expense.

5. You should open up yourself to love

Dreaming about the color purple could invite opening yourself up to love. You have closed yourself off for a long time and refused to fall in love even when the stars seem to align in your favor.

Ask anyone who has been in love, and they will tell you it is a magical experience. Love is a gift from the Divine, and seeing the color purple in your dream is a sign from the spiritual realm that you should open up to the possibility of loving and being loved by someone.

You might be apprehensive about romantic love. But, this is what your intuition is about—ask for and listen to spiritual guidance; you will be pointed to the right person.

6. Prosperity may come your way

Purple is the color of royalty and riches. When you see the color purple in your dreams, this is a sign that you will come across unexpected fortunes.

You might win the lottery, receive an unexpected gift, or stumble upon a pile of money. If you do not consider yourself lucky, this dream signifies that your lucky streak has just begun, and you should remain open to all the possibilities.

If you have been working hard at your job and eyeing a promotion, seeing royal-purple color in your dreams is a sign that you will get the raise you have wanted for a long time.

Have you been expecting some money and aren’t sure when it will come around? Seeing purple in your dreams denotes that the money you have been waiting for will come your way sooner than expected.

7. You might enjoy pleasant company

Given that purple is the color of extravagance and luxury, seeing it in your dreams denotes that you will enjoy a luxurious experience, perhaps in the form of a vacation in the company of your favorite people or person.

It is common to dream of the color purple in a natural setting such as a forest, expansive waters such as an ocean, water spring, or waterfront resort, especially if you have been looking forward to a vacation.

Seeing purple in a natural setting might also signify that you should spend time alone. After all, you are your own best company.

Taking a break and enjoying great company can be a great way to unwind. This can also help prevent burnout if life’s pace is too fast.

8. You will form a new friendship with a joyful person

There is no denying the fact that the color purple is beautiful and cheery. If you dream about this color, it denotes the start of a new wonderful friendship.

Have you been manifesting a nurturing and wholesome friendship? Dreaming about the color purple could signify that the universe is delivering your wish.

In addition to being the color of friendship, purple denotes a connection with the spiritual realm. So, a dream in which the color is prominent is a good sign that you are connected to the Divine, and you will soon be connected to an earthly soulmate that will bring you so much joy.

9. You should keep an eye on excessive arrogance and opulence

Purple is generally a positive and uplifting color. But, its close association with luxury, royalty, and riches can sometimes give this color a bad rap.

If you have recently acquired wealth, dreaming about the color purple signifies that your newfound riches bring out the worst in you.

This dream encourages you to think about your behavior these days. Are you the same person you used to be, or has your new financial status changed you into an arrogant person?

Sometimes our character and attitude change unknowingly. This is why it is necessary to take some time and examine ourselves.

If people have pointed out that you have changed, it is probably time to evaluate how your newfound riches have changed how you relate to others.

10. You are dealing with gossip and malice

Did you dream that you were in a room with purple walls? Admittedly, this is quite a strange dream, and as you might guess, it is not a good sign.

Dreaming about purple walls denotes people gossiping and spreading malice about you. This dream tells you to be more careful about the people you confide with.

Don’t tell everyone your secrets because not everyone will keep them confidential or even be happy for you. You should also be on the lookout for inconsistent people in your life; they are more likely to spread malice, leaving you surprised by their behavior.

If you have wondered why things haven’t worked well for you or if you are facing many obstacles, this dream about purple walls tells you that some people are spreading malice and being an impediment to your progress.

11. Someone close to you will betray you

If you dream about purple shoes, you will face some form of betrayal by someone you thought you could trust.

This dream warns you to tread carefully around those close to you. Not everyone has your best interests at heart. Keep your plans to yourself because you never know who is ready to sabotage and ruin everything you have worked for.

You should also be careful with your romantic relationships. This dream denotes that your lover will betray you when you least expect it. This will be the most painful of all betrayals because you have given your all to this person.

This dream tells you to look for warning signs of cheating. Don’t trust your lover too much. You might be blindsided by their actions, possibly building up to a major betrayal.

12. Prosperity in your relationships

While the color purple in your dreams can sometimes be a bad omen about your relationship, it can also be a good sign, depending on the context.

Seeing the color purple in a joyous setting full of flowers, happiness, and peace means good things will happen in your relationship.

This dream means that soon, your lover will propose to you, and you will have a wonderful engagement. Seeing purple in a joyous setting means you will get married and be very happy.

The purple in your dreams also denotes the possibility of children in your relationship. If you look forward to having babies, this dream signifies your relationship will be blessed with children.

Summary: What Does The Color Purple Mean in A Dream?

Purple is one of the most beautiful and vibrant colors, so seeing it in your dreams is generally a good sign.

The meaning of the color purple varies depending on the dream’s context. This color denotes prosperity, peace, and power.

But, seeing purple in your dreams could also be a warning sign of an impending betrayal by someone close to you. The color could also denote your own arrogance in real life and the need to re-evaluate your attitude toward others.

I hope this article helps you understand the meaning of the color purple in your dream! Remember, the best way to decipher the meaning of a dream is to contextualize it.

Whenever possible, write what you can remember about the dream. This will help you recall the details, giving you a better understanding of your night visions.

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