Dream About Stealing? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Did you dream of losing everything? Or, did somebody rip you off of everything you’ve managed to build till now?

While such anxious dreams don’t presage a robbery, they indicate a period of financial insecurity, helplessness, and identity crisis. On the other hand, these dreams also represent knowledge, wisdom, and good luck in some instances.

We cannot wait any longer! Let’s dive deep and find out what exactly does it mean when someone steals from you in your dream. Here are 15 such dream scenarios.

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Dream About Stealing (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

1.  Dreaming about your partner stealing from you:

Firstly, let me start by clarifying that dreaming of your partner stealing from you doesn’t mean that your partner is actually stealing from you. This dream represents your insecurity regarding abstract feelings such as time or your love.

You’re probably in a fight with your partner if you recurrently dream of them stealing something from you. It might also imply that you’re insecure about your financial future with your partner. Or, you might be going through an identity crisis if you saw them stealing clothes from you.

2.  Dreaming about a friend stealing from you:

Dreaming of your friend stealing from you can simply mean that you miss this friend and are desperately waiting for a gettogether. Or, it can also mean that you want the friendship to blossom even further and want to build a deeper connection with the friend.

On the other hand, this dream can also signal a change. You’re likely to undergo a personal transformation, which will aid your personal as well as professional growth.

3.  Dreaming about your neighbor stealing from you:

It is essential for one to feel safe in their own home and locality. However, dreams about your neighbor stealing from you are often associated with your discontent living in the place.

You’re probably compromising many things living there and would be in a much happier place, mentally, emotionally, and physically, if you lived somewhere else. So, make a pro-con list for living in your present locality, and if you deem it necessary, moving to a better place might be a good idea.

4.  Dreaming about your child stealing from you:

Dreams about your child stealing from you can be stressful. After all, parents give it their all to make sure that their children are well-provided and educated with proper moral values and beliefs. So, it is only natural for a parent to be scared to see their children stealing in the dreams.

However, the good news is that this dream doesn’t suggest that your children are walking on the wrong path. It simply represents the parental fear and anxiety regarding their kids’ physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

You’re probably afraid that you’ll not be able to support the child financially. If the situation is bad and bothers you too much, try sharing your problems with trustworthy people.

5.  Dreaming about a dead person stealing from you:

It is humanly to have regrets. You could have dealt with a past situation better or avoided the issue at all. And, it is also normal to be sentimental, remembering all the hurt emotions and regrets you have of your past.

You’re probably feeling such emotions lately in your waking life. Your past is hunting you, and you’re anxious that nothing that you do now can change the things in the past. So, it is imperative for you not to be too hard on yourself.

Ups and downs are part of our life journey, and only the present is in our control. You cannot change your past, nor can you tamper with your future. So, move ahead with a bright smile and a positive outlook in life.

6.  Dreaming about a stranger stealing from you:

If a person you don’t know steals from you in the dream, your subconscious is warning you to stay discreet.

You do not know what the true intentions of people around you are. You might be opening up too much to somebody while all they might be thinking are the ways to use the information to strike you down.

This dream means that you’re feeling insecure and vulnerable in your waking life. Thus, it would be best not to disclose too much information about yourself and your business to untrustworthy people.

7.  Dreaming about a thief stealing from you in public:

Dreaming about getting robbed in public isn’t a good sign. It implies a major financial loss in your waking life. It can be a result of a bad investment decision in the past, or you’re simply wasting too much money on extravagance and making unwise financial decisions overall.

Think about if you’ve wronged someone regarding financial issues in the past. If your answer is yes, making up for your mistakes and returning their money back might help you evade the period of misfortune.

8.  Dreaming about people planning to steal from you:

Are you lately working hard to the point of exhaustion? Maybe not drinking enough water and taking care of your health? Or, are you too hurried to finish the task that you stress yourself and lose all of your mental peace?

Dreams about people planning to steal from you signify that you’re likely to fall ill. And the cause will most probably be a lack of rest or carelessness. In that case, if you want to recover soon, it is imperative to get proper rest and oblige to your doctor’s advice.

9.  Dreaming about your luggage being stolen:

If you dreamt of your luggage being stolen, it indicates that someone might have shared the details of illegal activity with you, and you don’t know what step to next step.

You’re torn between informing the authority and keeping quiet. You’re worried that if you fulfil your moral duty, your and your family’s life might be in danger.

10. Dreaming about someone stealing your food:

This dream means that you’re doing great in your personal and professional life. You have great social relationships and harmonious equations with your family members. Your love life probably is also going well.

You’re getting acknowledged, appreciated, and even promoted in your professional life. However, some around you envy you and your success. They see nothing special in you and are bitter regarding why only you were blessed with everything good.

If you often dream of someone stealing your food, look around and ensure that you’re only entertaining and sharing your information with trustworthy people.

11. Dreaming about someone stealing your gold:

Dreaming about gold, in general, is a very good omen. You’re possibly doing your best in your waking life, and you’re being awarded luck and fortune fairly. You fulfill your duties and obligations honestly. You’re driven to help those in need and promote noble causes.

However, there might be many evil eyes on you. Envious people are probably looking for an opportunity to strike you down. Nevertheless, this dream reminds you to keep going on no matter what; you’re guided, and luck is in your favor.

12. Dreaming about your bag full of money being stolen:

This dream is common among those who owe somebody else money. You might have taken a loan, or somebody might have simply offered you some financial assistance. Whatever the case is, you’re unable to return their money and favor right now, and this fact is stressing you.

13. Dreaming about someone stealing your books:

Dreams about someone stealing your books represent your knowledge. The person probably admires your mind and hunger for knowledge. They long for the same level or more of knowledge and would feel grateful to learn from you.

This dream also indicates that you might consider going back to college soon. In that case, we’d say, go for it! Knowledge is power.

14. Dreaming about your shoes being stolen:

You’re probably someone who finds it difficult to make tough decisions. You don’t know which path to follow, and assistance from somebody knowledgeable would be a great help to you.

This dream also indicates a reconnection with your old friend. You two probably had misunderstandings in the past, and you’ll figure a way out to make up for your mistakes.

Furthermore, dreams where someone steals your shoes also mean that you’re trying to find the meaning and purpose in your life.

15. Dreaming about everything of yours being stolen:

Did a burglar in the dream take everything you own from your home? Well, if your answer is yes, you might be intensely worrying right now. But the good news is that this dream indicates fortune and good luck.

Your financial status is likely to improve soon. You might be offered a job promotion. Or you’re likely to be involved in beneficial projects.


Well, the good news is that dreaming of someone stealing from you doesn’t mean that the person will actually be involved in a theft. It can be a bad sign or a good sign depending upon your dream plot.

So, did you find your dream scenario included in this list? If not, let us know in the comments. We’re all ears!

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