Dream of Breathing Underwater? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream of Breathing Underwater (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Did you have a dream of breathing underwater, and now you wonder what it could mean? If that is the case, keep reading to learn more! But before we dive into the interpretations, let’s clear some common notions regarding dreams.

As many are aware by now, dreams manifest our subconscious mind, and many well-known, respected psychoanalysts such as Carl Jung valued dreams as highly crucial in understanding our identity. According to his theory, dreams are an attempt of the psyche to communicate desires, wishes, and fears to the individual.

As such, it is not always easy to determine the reason and meaning of your dream, as they have many hidden meanings and possible interpretations. This also includes the dream of being underwater, which is usually associated with emotional distress and instability.

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Dream of Breathing Underwater? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

1. Uncertainty

Many dream experts believe that dreaming of being and breathing underwater signifies our fear of drowning! That is why these dreams reflect our vulnerability, helplessness, and lack of control over our life!

The element of water symbolizes emotion, and if you are having a dream of breathing underwater, that is your sign to reflect on your emotional state! One of the most prominent interpretations of this dream is uncertainty and lack of safety.

Finding yourself underwater and able to breathe might be your subconscious attempt to retreat into to womb where you felt safe and secure. However, this dream indicates that you are experiencing negative emotions or a mini-crisis, so ask yourself if something is holding you down in your wake life and making you feel helpless.

It can also signify that you are at a point of emotional burnout, wishing to return to the womb where you were dependent, relieved of any responsibilities and obligations. So, it is vital to listen to your mind and your intuition!

2. Overcoming Fear

On the other hand, this dream can be interpreted as conquering a fear or an essential obstacle in our lives. For example, given that water is not our natural environment and we need assistance to stay there longer, breathing underwater in your dream might mean that you have conquered something previously seen as unreachable and unattainable.

This can also include you overcoming the fear of water. Although it sounds funny, many people are afraid of water and often refuse to swim in larger bodies of water such as oceans which can represent unexplored areas or dimensions in our minds.

We fear the unknown and the negative consequences that this exploration might have and want to avoid uncertain situations. So it can be understood as your mind telling you to take charge and test the waters, literally or metaphorically.

3. Self-control

Lastly, a dream of breathing underwater can signify that you have mastered the control of your emotions. Being underwater and breathing without the feeling of panic shows your ability to navigate through complex emotional responses.

Meaning of the First Type of Breathing Underwater Dream

The first type of underwater dream refers to a situation where you initially experience the feeling of drowning. You can feel the thickness of the surrounding water, and you are struggling to breathe.

You are confident that you will meet your doom when suddenly you find yourself underwater and able to breathe. This dream usually occurs to people that serve as emotional support to others or have siblings or friends that are their emotional dependents.

This dream often happens during adolescence. It is well-known that adolescents are usually emotionally dependent on their parents.

Still, in this case, the roles have changed, and the adolescent feels the emotional burden that manifests through the dream of breathing underwater.

Even if you are not an adolescent, this dream might happen to you. It usually indicates that you are emotionally overwhelmed and cannot cope with the situation. That is why this dream occurs; you feel like you are drowning in the needs of others. However, there is a silver lining to this dream.

Your mind is actually telling you that you are capable of handling what is on your plate! Even though some things seem unreachable to us, such as breathing underwater, it does not mean they actually are! You can handle it in your wake life.

Meaning of the Second Breathing Underwater Dream

In this dream, there is no distress or negative feeling! You are not in fear for your life! The water is soft and smooth; you are swimming without feelings of panic, and the dream is joyful throughout.

This dream is considered a spiritual water dream, and the feeling associated with it is tranquility and delight. Therefore, if you have experienced this dream, it indicates that you are very comfortable with your spiritual nature, even if you feel that you have none!

It can also mean that you perform well under pressure and can handle unforeseen situations. Although establishing the details, symbols, and context of your dream is essential, it is also vital to take into consideration the feelings of the sleeper.

On the other hand, the dream meaning can differ from one person to another, even if it is the same dream, because your dream is specifically about you, your life, and your experiences!

Different Scenarios of Dream of Breathing Underwater

Context is always a vital element in understanding your dream! For this reason, we need to look into details and explore other scenarios and what they might mean!

1. Dream of Living Underwater

If you often dream of being able not only to breathe underwater but comfortably live, it is an indication that you crave isolation. But, on the other hand, it might be that people in your close circle are annoying you and posing a burden for you!

It can also mean that you wish for some kind of change in your life and possibly break from your habits and repetitive behavior. You might be in some kind of life situation that is making you feel unsatisfied with your choices, and you constantly deal with life problems.

2. Dreaming of Being Underwater with Fish

If you dream about swimming with fish in the ocean, you might be trying to escape your wake life! Sometimes we feel swamped by negative thoughts caused by trauma, an unfortunate event, or a failed relationship, so we choose to ignore them mentally!

If you resonate with this, that is your mind telling you to reflect on your life and deal with it! Even though the mind might seem like a source of issues understanding it is the solution to problems.

3. Dream of Trying to Breathe Underwater

This dream is more of a nightmare than a dream, and those who have experienced it will agree with us! Desperately trying to grasp for air in your dream is indicative of anxiety and tension in your life! You feel smothered in your wake life and emotionally overwhelmed.

Similar symbolism is attributed to the drowning dream. The feelings in your real life translate to your subconscious mind, and having a dream is a sign of letting off some steam and reorganizing your life.

4. Dream of Being Underwater in a Car

Being in a car at the bottom of the ocean does not evoke positive feelings! If you ever had this dream, you might be afraid of losing control over your life. You feel that you are heading somewhere and unable to control the course of your journey, which causes anxiety.

Driven by fear of making mistakes, you have an urge to hit the brakes and reassess your choices! Having this feat is a universal issue, so do not stress about it too much!

Alternative Symbolism to Dream of Breathing Underwater

Although these dreams are usually seen as some kind of emotional struggle, they can mean a couple of different things. For example, some dream experts claim that breathing underwater is connected to an opportunity you have recently presented with.

In your mind, you might not think of it as something worth pursuing due to your fear of failure or executing a lousy judgment.

On the other hand, it can be a past trauma resurfacing as a dream and caused by some trigger in your dream! Given that we all dream differently, the objects we encounter during our dream might have a special meaning!


Having this dream is generally a manifestation of some kind of emotional struggle! Sometimes we feel like we have bitten off more than we can chew, and this reflects on our thoughts, our behavior and our subconscious.

If you dream about breathing underwater, you are probably overwhelmed by the current happenings in your life and need to take a break! Relax and take some time to ponder on your situation and how to conquer it!

Dear reader, if you have trouble understanding your dream and want a correct interpretation of this dream plot with your specific details, you can download a free 3-step creative dream interpretation checklist. Please share your thoughts and dream with us!

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