Dream About Hell (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Hell

Dreaming about hell can bring about feelings of agony, despair, and darkness. There are no positive interpretations of these dreams unless you manage to escape the fiery doom within yours and find relief.

Just because you dreamt of hell doesn’t mean hell is following you into your waking life; it’s important to accurately interpret your dream to get to the bottom of what it means for you.

Today we’re here to help you figure out the meaning behind your hell dream and how you can move forward to avoid any negative repercussions or further nightmares.

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Common Themes in Hell Dreams

Hell dreams are tough to swallow and may leave the dreamer feeling uneasy as they begin their day. These dreams tend to be intense and encompass anticipated torment, dread, and wrath.

While they are intimidating overall, a deeper look into your dream and recent events in your waking life can shed light on what’s going on in your subconscious.

1. Feeling Regret

Dreams about being condemned to hell come from our thoughts and fears. Whether or not you believe in an afterlife, your subconscious is saying that you have done something that deserves punishment.

You could be self-punishing yourself for evil deeds against someone who doesn’t deserve it, doing something that is out of character for you, or for past hurts and decisions you’ve caused. This feeling of regret may be easier to bury when awake, but at night your dreams tell all.

It’s time to atone for your wrongdoings and try to make peace with your past. Apologize where necessary and, if the situation warrants it, provide reassurance or even a gift as a peace offering to show your good intentions.

Additionally, if you believe in something greater than yourself, now is also a good time to make your peace with God and reconcile with prayer.

2. Battling with Your Demons

If you’ve reached hell in your dream, begin to suffer, and can’t escape, you are living out punishment for your wrongdoings. This represents an internal battle you have going on with your demons. Having demons means hosting negative thought patterns, bad habits, self-doubt, and even dark intentions or desires.

You may be struggling to suppress thoughts or behavior that you know is wrong. Whether they are self-inflicted or harm others –emotionally or physically – this suppression is necessary to keep you at peace and safe. Unfortunately, you aren’t dealing with the emotions behind that negativity which means your demons will just resurface whenever they get the chance.

If you struggle with building positive habits or destroying your old, wrong ways of thinking, consider getting professional guidance. This could be through a religious entity, like a pastor, or through a therapeutic outlet, such as a counselor or psychologist.

3. A Fear of Doing the Wrong Thing

If you see hell from afar, find yourself at the doors of hell, or face devils or a hell creature within your dream, you are facing your fear of condemnation and wrongdoing. This type of dreamer tends to play it too safe out of fear – fear of doing the wrong thing, fear of disappointing others, and fear of making the wrong choice.

This type of dreamer is often a good person, but they limit themselves due to these fears and worry that everything ends in settling accounts. This dream is a reflection of your everyday worries and thoughts, and it’s time to change them.

To face your fears in daily life, you need to look at the evidence for and against such fears. Breathe through the panic, writing and speaking affirmative statements that vouch for your abilities and freedom. Speak to a confidant or a professional if you feel you cannot do this on your own.

Different Dreams About Hell (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Certain dreams about hell are more common than others. If you’ve dreamt of any of the following plots, keep reading for more insight as to what it may mean for you.

1. Facing Doomsday

A dream about facing doomsday personifies hell as a horrible day on earth. Instead of being an evil, otherworldly place, you may have dreamt about something similar to an apocalypse. This could include a series of natural disasters, poor living conditions, a zombie invasion, a destructive world war, or some other related imagery.

Facing a doomsday hellhole in your dream shows that you are uncomfortable with your current life. It’s time to set clearer goals and surround yourself with more uplifting people.

2. Seeing Hell from Afar

If you were lucky enough to avoid hell while dreaming and instead viewed it from afar, you may have felt relief combined with fear. Having hell in your sights is not very comforting, even if you’re far enough away at the moment. This dream interpretation serves as a warning sign of harm or potential setbacks in your future.

Something has recently risked your integrity. Make note of any undeserved gain you have experienced, rumors or lies you have told, or revenge you have sought. It’s time to right your wrongs and avoids walking “the path to hell” any further.

3. Seeing Others in Hell

If you saw hell from afar or entered it to see people you know, you might have felt pity to recognize loved ones or even acquaintances as they suffered. This is your intuition manifesting in the dream.

You feel that these people are suffering in real life and that you have the charisma and ability to help them. While people’s negative emotions are caused internally, external forces like your support do have the ability to enact a considerable amount of positive change.

If the people in your dream yelled out to you for help, this interpretation rings even truer. You may have also felt at fault that they were in hell if you’ve recently participated in negative or typically sinful acts with this person.

4. Entering Hell

If you’ve dreamt of entering hell, you were likely filled with trepidation and nervousness. This reflects how you have been feeling recently about a specific change in your life.

Think back to any new events or circumstances in your life, like shifts at work, within your romantic life, or with friends and family. Perhaps you’ve had the opportunity to make a change but have decided against it because of this same feeling of trepidation.

This dream is saying that you need to accept the change. It is a part of your destiny and pushing it away will only bring about a worse outcome.

5. Burning in Hell

Dreaming of hellfire as a trap and endless torture is the classic vision of hell. You may have seen demons, raging fires, and other unspeakable images. This dream is painful and draining, often awakening the dreamer in fright and a cold sweat.

Burning in hell within your dream is a direct sign from God and the universe. You have committed mistakes, hurt others, and/or be a generally bad person. Your bad actions have caught up to you and are consuming both you are conscious and subconscious.

Take this opportunity to offer repentance for any wrongdoings you have committed. Know that it’s never too late to change and that positive actions will promise you a better, longer, and happier life. Now is the time to live your life as simply and kindly as you can.

6. Being in Hell Without Suffering

There are two possible meanings for dreams of being in hell without suffering.

The first is that you have the good advantage of seeing the evil that could befall you before it happens. This is an omen and means you should be wary of what the future holds. Stay on your toes, be diligent in your work, and make your decisions with care.

The second meaning is that you are too comfortable with your sins and wrongdoing. Strolling through hell and not feeling any pain or discomfort is discomforting in itself because it means evil has won the battle against good in your heart.

While you may have felt at peace during your dream, this points to growing darkness within you that must be stopped. Get rid of any possessions that correlate to darkness, focus on your spirituality or meditation, and distance yourself from friends who could be negatively influencing you.

7. Escaping Hell

Dreams of escaping hell symbolize a second chance. This is one of the few dreams of hell that carry a positive connotation. You managed to get away from eternal doom, albeit in a dream, and this means there is a new opportunity on the horizon.

Take advantage of this positive omen by focusing on the good in your life, including being grateful and practicing your spirituality. For example, Christians may recite the daily bread prayer to start their day positively. Other types of believers may keep a gratitude journal, meditate, or simply focus on nature’s good works.


Dreaming of hell is not something most people want to do. Even so, we can use these unsettling dreams to discover what we lack in life. By addressing our subconscious concerns through dream interpretations, we can learn how to better our waking lives and grow as human beings.

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