Dream About Apocalyptic (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Apocalyptic

Dreaming about the end of the world can be a frightening prospect. After all, who wants to see images of everything they love and cherish being destroyed when they drift off to sleep after a long day at work? Unfortunately, these dreams are relatively common and if you are experiencing them regularly then there may be a reason why.

Today, we’re going to be looking at apocalyptic dreams in greater depth and examining the possible symbolic meanings behind them. Hopefully,  by the end of this piece, you will have peace of mind as to why these nightmares are haunting your sleep.

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Dream About Apocalyptic (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

1. You are out of control

The first possible symbolic reason why you might be dreaming about the world ending is that your subconscious mind is trying to tell you that have become irrational and out of control. Perhaps you have recently been quite stressed and your response to that stress has been to lash out and make rash decisions.

These irrational decisions have led to certain parts of your life falling apart around you, much like they do in these apocalyptic dreams. Perhaps you have lost your job as a result of your recent behavior or your marriage might be on the verge of breaking down. These sorts of things can feel like the end of the world in your waking life, and this is why you are seeing the literal end of the world while you dream.

Take this dream as a message to regain control of your emotions. Take some time to change your mindset away from negativity to allow you to start thinking more positively about the future. If you don’t do this then your life is going to continue to fall apart and your mental health will suffer as a result.

2. You’re anxious about something in your life

On a similar note, perhaps you are incredibly anxious about a certain aspect of your life. Dreaming about the end of the world is a culmination of this anxiety and should be looked at as a metaphorical insight into what may happen if you don’t do something about your worries. Of course, the world isn’t going to end because of your personal anxiety but YOUR world will certainly suffer.

Anxiety is an illness that can spring itself on absolutely anybody. There is sometimes no reason for it at all, while other times there is. If you feel like you have immense pressure on your shoulders to deliver in either your personal or working life then this certainly won’t be helping. Regardless of why you have anxiety, it can make you feel like it’s impossible to ever relax and it can be crippling.

Take this dream as a warning sign from your subconscious that you need to do something about your anxiety. The advances in mental health support have been well documented so perhaps it’s time to get in touch with a professional.

3. There is a destructive influence in your life

Another reason why you might be having dreams about the end of the world is that you have a destructive influence in your life and your unconscious mind is notifying you of it. The destruction you see in these dreams is representative of this negative influence in your waking life.

This negative influence may be an individual who has been poisoning your mind with manipulation. This individual may have led you down a path of despair of emotional turmoil without even knowing it. Use this dream as motivation to figure out who this negative influence is and cut them out of your life.

On the flip side, this destructive influence could be a substance such as alcohol or drugs. You may have recently started drinking more alcohol than usual or dabbling with illegal substances. This behavior may not have caused any damage to you or those around you so far but if you continue to play with fire you will eventually get burnt. This dream could be a reminder of that, and a nudge for you to curb your substance abuse.

4. A sign of transformation in your life

An apocalyptic dream, surprisingly, doesn’t always have to have negative connotations attached to it. Instead, it could be a sign that one part of your life is coming to an end and that a new, exciting chapter is about to begin. The sight of the apocalypse in your dreams is simply representative of your previous chapter coming to an end.

This could mean, as an example, that a new job is on the horizon for you or that a new life in a new country should be something that you should consider. If you receive an exciting proposal in the coming days, weeks and, months, remember this dream and consider that it was a message for you to accept this new adventure.

It could also be reflective of a mindset transformation, rather than a physical one. Perhaps you’ve been feeling negative about your future prospects recently but you have recently started partaking in activities to improve your outlook on life.

5. You are struggling to move on from something

If your dreams are focused on a post-apocalyptic world where you are one of the survivors, it could be a sign that you are struggling to move on from past struggles. The fact you survived is a blessing on the face of it, but the scars of going through such trauma still live with you.

These types of dreams could be to do with a past relationship where you were the victim of physical or mental abuse. This trauma could understandably be holding you back when it comes to getting close to new people. It’s normal to distrust people after you’ve been through something like this and these dreams are perhaps a further reminder that you aren’t ready to move on yet.

If you have been pushing your struggles to the back of your mind and trying to pretend like they didn’t happen then it is unlikely that you will ever have closure on the situation. Use this dream as a nudge to open up about your previous struggles and to start actively working on getting over them.

6. You aren’t ready to let go of something or someone

While many apocalyptic dreams focus on natural disasters such as earthquakes or tornadoes, many people have dreams about zombies ending the world. While it’s easy to put this down to watching too many episodes of the Walking Dead, it could also be symbolic of the fact that you are scared of letting go of someone or something from your life.

Perhaps you have recently had a breakup with a long-term boyfriend or girlfriend, or you are going through a divorce. You have both decided that the relationship wasn’t working and that you are better off without each other. However, you are now scared of losing that person from your life altogether. This dream is a reflection of that and could be a sign that you should try and stay and stay friends with this person.

7. You are feeling overwhelmed

If your apocalyptic dream revolves around a flood or a tsunami then it could be a message from your subconscious that you are feeling overwhelmed in real life. The sensation of drowning in your dreams is reflective of your emotional state and you need to resolve it.

It may well be that you have recently taken on too much responsibility in your daily life and the pressures of these responsibilities are too much for you. This could be in the case of too many projects at work or too many hobbies and people to please outside of work. It’s impossible to juggle all of these things at once and it’s making you feel swamped.

This dream is a message from your subconscious to take a step back and prioritize the things that matter the most to you. To become calm and happy again you are going to have to let go of some of these commitments.

8. You feel like an outsider

If you are dreaming of an alien apocalypse then it could be a sign that you are feeling like an outsider in situations where you really shouldn’t. Perhaps you are starting to get bad vibes from your partner and you are starting to feel like there are things going on in their life that shouldn’t be.

If your partner is making you feel like that then there may well be something serious going on that you don’t know about. Don’t push these feelings to one side and open up to them about how you are feeling. It may well be that you have got the wrong end of the stick, or it could be that your instinct was right all along.


We hope that you now have a better idea of what end of the world dreams could mean for you and your life. While dreams about people dying are always going to bring about emotions relating to sadness and depression, these dreams don’t always have to symbolize that. Don’t ignore the messages these dreams are trying to send you and you will enjoy a happy future.

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