Dream About Horse? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Horses

We don’t think much of donkeys and mules. And we’re fascinated but detached from zebras. But there’s something about horses that excites the imagination. They’re powerful but graceful, feisty but gentle. They can charm you with a toss of the mane and cripple you with a rear and a kick. But what does it mean when you dream about horses? Let’s explore together!

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Dream About Horses (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

1. Love and War

The meaning of horses in your dreams can be abstract. Especially if it comes straight from your spirit guides. But your interpretation will largely depend on your horsey experiences. A jockey and a farrier could have the same dream, but it’ll give them different messages.

Let’s start with the idea of a knight in shining armor, who often rides a white horse. For a woman, this could mean her true love is near. For a man, it probably means he has to go defend a woman he cares about. For him, the dream is about love, but also about aggression.

2. Biblical Prophesies

In the Book of Revelation, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse represent various misfortunes that mark the end of the world. The white horse is conquest (e.g. colonization, slavery), the red horse is war, the black horse is famine, and the pale (grey?) horse is death.

Your heavenly helpers might use these cues to communicate with you in dreams. Just as an example, a white horse might mean someone will take over your house, your job, or steal your lover. A black horse might mean a blackout that will spoil all the food in your fridge.

3. Challenges are Coming

There’s a lot of controversy around the idea of breaking horses. But in the end, it comes down to how you do it. You can train a mustang without crushing their spirit, and you can work with a horse as a trusted, loyal partner rather than a subordinate you need to dominate.

So what does it mean when you dream about struggling to tame a feral horse or a newly-bought pony? It suggests professional challenges are headed your way. If you’re riding the horse at the end of the dream, you’ll come out on top after enduring all those bites and kicks.

4. Successful Therapy

In the spirit world, water represents emotions. It also defines the transition between states, realms, and portals. So what does it mean when you dream of riding a horse across a river? It could suggest you’re a fan of Frodo and Arwen, especially if you watched them before bed.

But it more likely means you’re in the midst of an emotional battle. You might be working through grief and trauma, wading through those feelings of denial, pain, and loss. Making it across the river (in the dream) means you have come out successfully and gained closure.

5. Freedom and Flight

Lots of cars are named after horses, and even the Ferrari logo has a horse in it. Not to mention the use of horsepower to describe engine efficiency. In this sense, horses define the freedom to travel at terrific speeds and the ability to control that majesty and muscle power.

In your dream, you might see the horses escaping a barn, racing away from a trainer, or galloping among a wild herd. All these dreams suggest you feel trapped. You need to escape. Ask your angels to show you what you’re running away from, and whether you truly should.

6. Take the Gentle Approach

Some people trainers like to force horses into submission. Especially because they’re on the clock and have a limited time to break the horse before they have to sell it. Others prefer a slower, more patient approach. So what does it mean when you dream about petting a horse?

Horses are loyal creatures, so in this dream, the horse might represent someone you care about. Your angels are calling you to take your time and be gentle with this person. You see them as strong and capable, but they’re feeling vulnerable and they need some softness.

7. Daddy Issues

According to Freud (and sometimes Jung), horses in dreams represent father figures. But his interpretation leaned towards incest and Oedipal problems, so not everyone agrees with those thoughts. But we do agree that horses (even female ones) can symbolize masculinity.

So if you’re seeing horses in your dreams, they might be heavenly messages about your (earthly) father. As your angels to explain the concept further, and focus on how you’re interacting with the dream horse. Tending a horse with colic might mean your dad is sick.

8. Potential Betrayal

If you think washing your dog is hard, you should try bathing a horse! But suds aside, some people wash their horses every week while others only do it twice a year. So what does it mean when you dream about washing a horse? Remember, horses are a sign of devotion.

They can be extremely affectionate, but they also need a high level of TLC. So if you’re dreaming about filthy horses, it could be a warning from your higher helpers. They’re saying someone in your intimate circle is untrue and might soon betray you. Watch out for them!

9. Incoming Failure

It takes a lot to kill a horse. Their speed, spirit, and scintillating muscle mean they have no natural predators. (Unless you count humans!) So what’s the significance of a dream about a dead horse? Losing a horse is quite traumatic because of your bond and your business sense.

And this dream sends an equally dire message. It means bad news is on the way. In the same way you feed and tend a horse, this dream talks about something you’ve put a lot of effort into, whether it’s a work project or a relationship. The dead horse means it’s heading south.

10. Future Projects

Horse races are exciting and can be profitable, whether you’re rearing the horse, riding as a jockey, or betting as a spectator. It’s also a good excuse to dress up and meet posh people, especially if you’re a VIP with access to the top box. But your perspective does matter.

If you dream of yourself as a jockey at a fancy derby – or even as the horse itself, this is a promising prophecy. We know that horses symbolize drive and motivation, so dreaming about a race could foretell success in the project that you’re currently preparing to launch.

11. Send Help!

On the other hand, if your racehorse dream has you in the gallery or at the sidelines, you’ll need your higher angels to help you spot the problem. It means someone you care about is going through a difficult or challenging phase in their lives and may need your assistance.

It can be hard for certain people to ask for help, so talk to your angels and ask them for further clues. They can point out which of your friends is in a fix and show you creative, non-intrusive ways to can bail them out. After all, you don’t want to hurt your dear friend’s pride.

12. Chronic Procrastination

As we’ve mentioned, horses represent motivation and inspiration to get started and keep moving. So what does it mean when you dream of a horse attacking you? This isn’t a dream about falling off or getting accidentally trampled in a stampede (which may imply burnout).

Instead, it’s a dream where a horse kicks, bites, or snarls at you. This is a message from your subconscious and your spirit guides. It means you’re dilly-dallying and stalling an important decision in your life. You need to stop waffling and procrastinating. Get up and do the thing!

13. Resilience and Strength

Dreams can be puzzling, particularly if you’re in the middle of a crisis. You can’t be sure which dreams are messages from your spirit guides and which ones are manifestations of your inner messiness. Most dreams are a bit of both, and your angels can help you decipher.

Suppose you’re going through a tough time. You’re being criticized by relatives, bullied by classmates, or pressured by your peers. Dreaming of wild horses at such a time doesn’t mean you should run away. It means you have the strength and courage to get through. Don’t quit!

14. Romantic Vibes

In many of the cruder parts of the world, horse-related dreams are assumed to be sexual. At a bar or in a locker room, you can’t even say the words ‘riding a horse’ without getting lewd winks and giggles. What if you dream about riding a horse bareback or with your partner?

Both these dreams can have romantic intentions, whether or not these missives are carnal. It means your desires are about to come true, and that you are seen as an attractive being. You have lots of hidden admirers – not just your current life partner. And things are looking up!

15. Loss and Restlessness

Someone once said expectations are the death of hope. If you don’t have any, you can’t be disappointed. But a lot of us want a mission or a purpose in life. We want to feel like our presence and existence make a difference, even if we’re just ordinary people in the world.

So what does it mean if you’re dreaming about yourself riding bareback on a horse? Or if you’re the horse in the dream and have a saddle-less rider? It means you’re in limbo. You need a target to work towards, a goal to achieve, a fresh reason to get out of bed every day.

16. Black and White

We’re going to look at two specific dreams now – riding a white horse and riding a black horse. In this interpretation, white implies purity while black suggests deception. For context, saddles and reins are used to control horses. These dreams feature bareback riders.

A white, unhealthy horse could mean your partner is cheating on you. A healthy white horse means all is well in your relationship. A black horse suggests you’re hiding things and being dishonest. The skinny horse hints at exposure while a sturdy one means you’ll get away with it.

17. Opportunity is Calling

If you’ve never worked with horses or been in close contact with them, the horses in your dreams will probably be riding through the plains. This is because it’s the most common way horses are depicted in media. In reality, horses spend a lot of time tied up in stables or barns.

So if you’re dreaming of a horse indoors, focus on the feelings of the horse. Does it seem restless or sad? Or is it calm and happily napping? A dream about a mustang in a hayloft, probably means you feel restrained. You want something more, and that chance is coming!

18. Settle Down

There are tons of books and movies and books about the Wild West and rodeos. They focus on the fun side of things, like tossing a lasso or winning a race. And they make us think ranch life is all about excitement, glamor, and looking cool in cowboy boots. But it’s a tough thing.

Being a cowboy or a cowgirl involves unpretty things too. Like calming your horses in a storm, cleaning their smelly poop, and picking gunk out of their hooves. So if you dream of being one, it’s a sign from your spirit that you need to buckle down and be responsible.

19. Financial Prosperity

Speaking of the nasty side of horse rearing, what does it mean when you dream of a horse pooping? Naturally, it means you need a shovel and a strong stomach – at least inside the dream. But this isn’t necessarily an omen. Quite the opposite – it’s a blessing, just like guano.

If your horse has regular bowels, it means they’re eating well and their digestive system is in good working order. Plus, horse manure makes a great fertilizer. So if you’re dreaming of horse poop, it means wealth is headed your way, whether it’s a new job or a lucrative deal.

20. Recovery and Progress

Many movie montages (and horseriding lessons) emphasize how hard it is to get on a horse. You might even have heard of Jingang, the cheeky horse that plays dead whenever you try to mount him. But what if your dream has you getting off the horse? What does that mean?

Horses should have a good post-riding routine. You should inspect the horse’s feet, rub him down, and offer a treat. In the dream, if you did this yourself, you’ll soon heal from a trial in your life. But if you walked away and let the stable hand do it, you’re not yet ready to recover.

21. Core Values

We’ve mentioned several times that horses are closely linked with your muse and motivation. So if you dream of riding a horse, take another look at what you and the horse were doing, or what you were wearing. Riding in equestrian events like dressage or jumping imply control.

It may mean you need to rein in your wilder instinct, pun intended. You have tons of power and potential, but you need discipline – grow up. But if you dream of being a jockey or racing, it could mean you feel restricted by your duties. You want to break loose and be free.

When was the last time you dreamed about a horse? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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