Dream About Vomiting Blood? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Vomiting Blood (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

If you’ve had dreams about vomiting blood, you may have woken up disturbed or even nauseous. This type of dream is never pleasant, but its interpretation doesn’t always have to be negative.

Most dreams about vomiting blood are related to something that is happening and affecting you in your real life. To properly interpret your dream about vomiting blood, you’ll need to analyze where it occurred, how it happened, and any other details you can remember.

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How to Interpret Dreams About Vomiting Blood

Interpreting what your dream means starts with internal reflection. The dreamer’s daily stressors, worries, anxiety, and obstacles in their waking life will point toward the right dream interpretation.

First, you’ll need to identify the most important dream points:

  • Who you were with
  • How you felt
  • What you vomited
  • Where you vomited
  • What you did before and afterward

With a little creativity and focus, you can convert your dream of vomiting into spiritual meaning, a warning sign, or a positive sign for your life.

Dream About Vomiting Blood? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Generally speaking, a vomit dream is associated with your subconscious wanting to purge you of something from your real life. To vomit blood, you have to be experiencing extreme illness and this may come from pressures and problems you’re facing in everyday life.

Read through these common themes to see if any resonate with how you’re feeling and what your dream may mean.

1. Vomiting Blood to Free Yourself of Something

If you were feeling normal in your dream and were situated in a common place – for example, your job, home, or neighborhood – and then suddenly started vomiting, this shows that something in your life isn’t sitting well with you.

Even if things appear to be OK on the surface, you aren’t happy with something that’s going on. Many times, this is a social pressure we are feeling or a disrespect we may have experienced from someone close to us, like friends or relatives.

If you first start bleeding from your mouth before vomiting, this could point to something eviler. Someone in your life is out to get you, and you need to figure out who it is as soon as possible.

2. Vomiting Blood to Cut Ties with Others

If your dream included another person or you’ve recently been stressed out by someone you know, your blood dream likely has to do with your comfort – or lack thereof – with the relationship.

If you are with the person when you vomit blood, you need to dissect that relationship deeper and find out what’s wrong.

If the person tries to help you in your dream, you may be distancing yourself from them in real life when you should be trying to get closer to them instead.

If you vomit blood onto another person, you may be reckoning with past sins against them. Think about any hurt you may have caused them and consider apologizing for the wound.

3. Vomiting Blood to Escape a Bad Situation

If you had a bad taste in your mouth, whether in the dream or once you awoke, this could symbolize that you are trying to escape a bad situation or difficult time in your current life. If the taste is of human blood, this situation involves other people you know.

Consider any stressors you have like debt, an overbearing boss, lack of good health, rebellious children, or a deteriorating romantic relationship. Changing this situation will require passion and great motivation soon. Are you up for the challenge?

Different Dreams About Vomiting Blood

Here are some of the most common dreams about vomiting blood and what they could mean to you.

1. Vomiting Blood with Food

If you vomited blood mixed with other food, mucus, or objects in your dream, this bears some significance.

Vomiting blood with your food signals a threat to your health. You may be sleeping with discomfort in your digestive system or feel negative about your last meal.

Vomiting blood with mucus stands for sickness. Consider getting a full work-up at your preferred physician’s office as soon as possible.

Vomiting blood with another object will be unique to your situation. Analyze the object and its meaning and connection to your everyday life.

2. Holding Back Your Vomit

Holding back your vomit in your dream means you are suppressing something subconsciously. This could be a feeling, passion, or opinion.

Sometimes we need to suppress our thoughts for our own good, especially when we live in a society-pleasing world. Other times, however, it also suppresses our true selves and causes us to live false representations of ourselves.

So, how do you know if you’re suppressing yourself for better or for worse?

Consider the idea, opinion, or expression you are muffling. If it will cause harm to others, be it emotional, psychological, or physical, it should be stifled. If it will allow you to express yourself honestly and without harm, it may be time to let it out.

3. Cleaning After Vomiting Blood

If you threw up in your dream and then started cleaning vomit, you have a need for control in your life. The vomit symbolizes things that are out of your control – such as other peoples’ actions, the weather, or global events – while your follow-up act symbolizes how you continue to try and plan every detail of your life.

Unfortunately, even the best planners are limited in how much they can truly account for. Instead of fighting changes and the unknown, you’re better off embracing it. Vomit and other unsightly circumstances can happen, but you can react accordingly and continue on as best you can.

4. Stained with Blood After Vomiting

If you find your clothes or body stained with your blood after vomiting, this category of dream is self-deprecating. You are feeling guilty about something that is weighing heavily on your conscience.

Even if you manage to bury this feeling when you are awake, it resurrects in your subconscious and will not go away until it is addressed.

5. Seeing Someone Else Vomiting Blood

If you were standing by as someone else vomited blood in your dream, this shows a concern you have for said person. Something about them is worrying you, and your reaction in the dream reflects what you should do.

If they start to vomit blood and you are worried and try to help them, this means you should reach out to that person in your real life and offer your assistance with whatever they need.

If instead, you simply look on as this person vomits blood, it shows a disconnect or dissension between the two of you. Perhaps you have been acting as a false friend all along when you truly don’t want a relationship with this person in your waking life.

6. Vomiting Blood in the Bathroom

If you manage to vomit while in the bathroom of your dream, this means you are purging yourself of something negative. Bathrooms have long stood for places where we can rid ourselves of waste and feel renewed, and this is what your dream is representing.

If the vomit is still visible, you may be struggling to take the last step to rid your life of the negative or hurtful thing.

If you manage to flush the vomit down the toilet or the drain, you are finally reaching a new milestone and era of your life with a renewed sense of purpose and purity.

7. Vomiting Blood Outside

If you are vomiting blood while outside in your dream, this shines a negative light on your sense of direction. You feel lost in life and aren’t sure where you belong or where you should go.

It’s time you find a place of peace to call your own. Whether this is a physical home or a group of people with whom you can be yourself, search for this in your day-to-day life.

8. Vomiting Blood While Pregnant

Pregnant women may dream about vomiting blood if they have previously suffered a miscarriage or have a fear of having one. Pregnancy brings about a wide range of hormones, emotions, and physical ailments, so this dream is likely a manifestation of all three plus personal stressors.

To try and combat these negative feelings and dreams, it’s important to find ways to self-soothe and relax your mind. Consider meditation, prayer, journaling, and moments of self-reflection and solitude to get you on your way.


Dreams can and should be seen as precious jewels, giving us clues as to what we really feel and what may happen in our lives. Dreams about vomiting blood may not seem precious, but they do provide insight into how we are feeling and affected by our current circumstances.

Now may be the time for you to make a change and rid yourself of the person or situation that is causing you harm or stress. On the contrary, you may be feeling this way because you have unfinished business with someone you need to reconcile with.

No matter your case, use this as an opportunity to grow and learn from your dreams.

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