Dream About Space (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Space

Dreaming of space, whether it is outer space or space on earth, can lead to many unique dream interpretations. Such dreams tend to symbolize the unknown, which can include exciting new things or a situation of confusion.

With so many different types of space dreams, let’s analyze yours to learn what it’s sharing about your waking life and how you can use it to learn more about yourself.

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Dream About Space (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Space dreams could be fun and adventurous or terrifying and unpredictable. It all depends on what occurred in your dream and how you felt during it and after waking up.

Space can represent everything from the expanse of our universe to the area within a small box. Below we’ll break down the dream analysis for dreams of outer space, small spaces, and empty spaces. Be sure to use these tips to help remember your dream to reach the most accurate interpretation.

1. Dreams of Outer Space

A dream of outer space could include traveling by spaceship, launching into orbit, exploring a planet, or floating around in a space suit. These dreams are usually filled with anticipation, adventure, and new sights to explore.

If you’ve dreamt about outer space, think back to whether your dream included any of these aspects:

  • A spaceship or rocket
  • New discoveries
  • A feeling of excitement or fear
  • Other people on your journey

These details will help you find the theme or plot interpretation below that resonates most with your life.

2. Dreams of Small Spaces

If instead of outer space you’ve dreamt about being in a tight or small space, this dream points to anxieties that are perforating your subconscious. These dreams may have you feeling claustrophobic or struggling to find a way out of a tunnel, hole, room, or other space.

To interpret these dreams, it’s important to remember:

  • How you got into the space
  • If anyone put you in or helped get you out

3. Dreams of Empty Spaces

Other dreams about space could include vast open spaces, a living space, or open areas with little or nothing in between. These spaces allow for dream creativeness, and how you fill them shows a lot about what’s been on your mind lately.

Do you feel free in this empty space or lost? Is there any sort of thing or living creature you can find? Key items or even people in empty spaces will say a lot about your relationship with them and how they affect you while awake.

Common Themes in Space Dreams

Now that you’ve collected the most important details of your dream, it’s time to find the theme or plot that resonates with you. The most common themes within space dreams are related to new exploration, feeling lost, or feeling overburdened.

1. Exploring a New World

The majority of outer space dreams provide positive context and are a good omen of what’s to come in your waking life. You seem to have a spirit of adventure – be it conscious or not – and are willing to take on new journeys should they come your way.

Humans have only explored around 5% of outer space, leaving 95% undiscovered. This is why dreams about outer space or our galaxy show that you are curious about new experiences and want to learn more about the unknown. Now is the time to try out that hobby you’ve always been curious about, sign up for a new class, or take on a different professional role in a setting you’ve never worked in.

If you discover something new in your dream, like an alien, planet, or another form, you’re on the brink of discovery in your waking life. This could be intellectual, such as learning something new about someone or something in your life, or it could be a personal discovery as you grow as a person and become the truest version of yourself.

The exception to a positive outer space dream is if yours came with apprehension or fear, especially if you were launching into space or experienced an issue while in space. This type of dream represents a fear that is holding you back and is dissected towards the end of this guide.

2. Feeling Lost

Other space dreams, such as one where you’re floating aimlessly in space or walking around a large empty space, manifest feelings of loneliness and loss. These types of dreams symbolize a need for more purpose in your life. You may be going through the motions or at a crossroads with no sense of direction for where to go.

Some individuals may also have a bustling social life, but go home at the end of the day and feel lonely. This happens when you don’t have many deep or dependable connections with others, but it can be overcome by creating significant bonds with those you care for.

If you find solace in your dream, you may have at least one dependable relationship you can lean on. Care for this person and try to support them as much as they support you in your waking life.

3. Feeling Overburdened

Dreams of being stuck in a tight space represent feeling overburdened while awake. Worries and fears often leak into our dreamlife, especially by trapping us physically.

Look back over the last few weeks and pinpoint any times you have felt overwhelmed, anxious, incapable, or frozen in fear. This could be the stressor that has led you to dream of being stuck in a small space.

It’s important to know how you became trapped in your dream. If you wandered into the hole yourself, this represents a hole you’re “digging” in your real life. Perhaps you’re letting a relationship turn sour or ignoring your responsibilities.

If someone else locked or pushed you into the small space, you have doubts about this person’s intentions with you. It’s time to analyze this friendship and make sure your values and trust align before moving forward.

Different Dreams About Space

Different storylines in your space dream come from different perspectives. Find greater meaning within your dream if it overlaps with any of the plots listed here.

1. Launching Into Space

Dreams about launching into space via space shuttle, rocket, or another vehicle can be invigorating or deathly, depending on the outcome.

If you make it into orbit safely, it shows that success is in your future even if you have to overcome challenges to reach it. If your space shuttle went up through a team effort, it’s time to focus on collaboration in your waking life both professionally and personally. If you reached space on your own, you are feeling a burst of confidence that will enable you to break glass ceilings if you so desire.

Alternatively, you may experience a nervous launch with issues or barriers. This is a warning sign about fears that are holding you back. Your state of mind is overwhelmed with worries that need to be put to rest before you move forward.

2. Drifting in Space

Dreams about drifting into space could either provide calmness or nervousness.

If you are calm in the dream, it means you are happy where you are and are headed in the right direction. Continue to trust your intuition.

If you are panicking about the dream, you have set unrealistic goals for yourself and need to take a step back or ask for help to achieve them.

3. Being Lost in an Empty Space

Being lost in an empty, vast space symbolizes a hopeless future. You are living a complacent lifestyle that needs to be shaken up if you want to advance.

Ignore the temptation to be egotistical and seek wisdom from those who are more experienced or knowledgeable than you. Rely on their advice to make the next big decisions in your life.

4. Space Dreams About Planets

Dreaming about the solar system or different planets carries much significance for the dreamer.

Dreams about Mars represent reaching new frontiers in your personal life and being ambitious.

Dreams about Jupiter signal big changes in your life. Look for opportunities to make more money, acquire more knowledge, be healthier, and reach greater success.

Dreams about Venus are always associated with love or a lack thereof. Your romantic life could use more of your attention.

Dreams about Uranus signal a rebellion or change from the norm. You may be reevaluating or changing a foundational part of your life in the near future.

Dreams about Saturn represent determination. You have a goal in mind that can’t be ignored, and now is your time to head towards it full-throttle.

Finally, dreams about Mercury show that you need to amplify the communication in your life. Tell others what you’re thinking and hear out their responses – even if you don’t agree with them.


Dreams provide information about your spiritual journey as well as any distractions you have in your waking life. To gain wisdom and reach enlightenment, it’s important to analyze our dreams and garner a new perspective on what we need to grow as individuals. Now that you’ve analyzed your dream of space, we hope you’ve gained the inspiration you need to develop and flourish.

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