Dream About Black and White Snake (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Black and White Snake

Dreams about snakes are among the most common ones most people have. In Christianity, a snake is seen as a symbol of temptation and evil, as the Bible tells how it led Adam and Eve to the original sin. On the other hand, Hinduism values snakes, and Hindus see them as a symbol of renewal and enlightenment.

That said, a black and white snake represents much more than that and is one of the most significant symbols in the universe. In this article, we’re going to cover what it represents, and what it means to dream about it.

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The Symbolism of Black and White Snake (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Before we can delve deep into the meaning of dreams about black and white snakes, we have to understand what the individual components of this symbol mean on their own.

White and black are two colors of the most symbolic significance in dreams. In a metaphysical sense, they encompass the most out of all colors and conclude the most about human existence. That’s why they usually appear together, just like in the concept of yin and yang.

1. Symbolic Meaning of Color Black

Traditionally, black represents chaos, Mother Earth, nature, femininity, darkness, and destruction. This color embodies the potential which is lying in the unknown, waiting to be realized. It can both, take or give, but it needs the active element to be generative.

For example, think of soil. If unattended, it will become overgrown with noxious weeds that will start overtaking the agricultural land, destroying the crops that are growing there. However, if someone comes in and takes care of the soil, it will give rise to crops that it would destroy otherwise.

Dreaming about symbols of the color black signifies opportunities, challenges, and threats, which need your own active involvement to transform into benefit and fortune.

2. Symbolic Meaning of Color White

White represents order, Father Sky, culture, masculinity, light, and creation. It’s the active force that brings the best of chaos. In the example about soil, the color white and order is that someone who takes care of the soil, stopping it from being destructive, and instead making it fecund and beneficial.

Dreaming about symbols of the color white is usually a good omen, signaling that you’re on a good path and heading in the right direction.

3. Symbolic Meaning of Black and White

When we combine both of these colors, we get possibly the oldest, the most influential, and the most important metaphysical concept in human existence – yin and yang. It embodies two governing forces – yin, representing everything that the color black symbolizes, and yang, representing everything that the color white symbolizes.

The yin-yang symbol itself embodies the duality and contradiction of the universe and the balance between these two forces.

4. Symbolic Meaning of Snake

Snake is one of the most prominent symbols in human existence. No one simply “thought up” the symbols. They’re deeply ingrained in our psyche, and the human relationship with snakes dates back millions of years ago, even before there were humans in the first place.

Many people fear snakes because this reptile was the biggest adversary of tree-dwelling human ancestors. Our primate ancestors had no way of protecting themselves against snakes, and this fear tortured them for millions of years, leaving an imprint in human DNA.

As a result, snakes and serpents symbolize danger, threat, and fear. It could seem to be some of the worst aspects of living, but dreams about snakes are not always negative. Instead, it acts as the call to adventure, giving us the opportunity to manifest what is the best of us, leading to personal and spiritual transformation.

Meaning of Black and White Snake Dreams (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

A black and white snake is the ultimate symbol representing yin-yang, the supreme embodiment of dual forces governing the macrocosm of our universe, and the microcosm of our psyche.

That’s why dreaming about such a snake is always significant and should be taken seriously. It’s a signal from your unconscious and the universe itself that something of great importance will soon take place in your life. Alternatively, it could signal to you that you should take some sort of action.

It all depends on how the black and white snake appears in your dream, how it behaves towards you, how you behave towards it, and what emotions you’re left with after returning to your waking life. Let’s take a look at the meaning of some of the most frequent dreams about the black and white snake.

1. Black and White Snake Swimming in a River

In dreams, rivers usually represent the natural flow of life and change, that humans and the universe itself are continuously going through. If you dream about seeing a black and white snake swimming in a river, it could signal that these are big changes coming your way.

If the snake is swimming with ease following the current, it likely means that you’re ready to undergo a significant transformation, or are even already on your way to change. However, if the snake is trying to swim against the current, it may be that you’re not accepting a change that you should take.

For example, you aren’t adjusting your life according to new circumstances, be it a new job, having a baby, or moving across the country. You might be living just like you did before the big change, which is hindering your life.

If the snake is drowning in the river, it means that you’re not adequately prepared for change and rebirth. If nothing new is happening in your life yet, it’s a sign that you should start to worry and become more serious, getting ready for something big.

That said, it’s also likely that it’s already too late and you’ll soon see your lack of readiness bringing grave consequences.

2. Black and White Snake Suffocating You

Dreaming about a black and white snake coiling around and squeezing you is likely a sign that you feel overwhelmed by the challenges you’re currently facing in your life. The feeling of being suffocated or trapped with no success in breaking free represents anxiety and your failure to overcome those challenges.

The black and white snake likely symbolizes the opposing forces influencing your life, which either creates the difficult challenges in the first place or makes them extremely difficult to overcome. For example, you starting a romantic relationship might hinder your performance at work.

In this example, the relationship is represented by the color black. Starting a new relationship is akin to entering the unknown, where you either become victorious and bring back the treasure or get lost and destroyed. The work is represented by the color white because that’s known. It’s what you do every day, and it’s the sphere of life that you control.

3. Black and White Snake Hissing

If you dream about a black and white snake hissing at you or being aggressive, it could be a sign that you are in for a tough time. The snake in this dream may represent the call of adventure which you’re ignoring.

Not accepting significant opportunities in your life usually leads to pain, suffering, and resentment, while diving head-first into the challenge gives you a chance of improving as a person. It’s also possible that such a dream is a heads-up from your subconscious mind that you need to start preparing for what’s lying ahead of you.

It’s important to note, that dreams where the snake bites you are usually followed by the most significant calls to adventure. Such calls just can’t be ignored, and take down those who aren’t ready or willing to accept them.

Meaning of Black and White Snake Dreams By Life Circumstances

Sometimes it’s easier to understand the meaning of a dream by first reflecting on your life circumstances, and only then comparing it to the symbols you saw in the dream. Here’s a list of life situations in which people dream about black and white snakes most commonly.

1. Being Lost Between Two Options

If you recently experienced a situation where you felt like you were stuck between two options, it’s possible that dreaming about a black and white snake is trying to tell you that both options have something to offer. The difficult part is finding a balance between the two, The key is to find a balance between the two.

2. Major Life Change

Many people dream about a black and white snake right after going through a major event in their lives. For example, a loss of a close family member, a divorce, or losing one’s job. In situations like that, the black and white snake represents the opposing forces that will mold what kind of person you are going to become.

The color black displays despair, grief, and loss, while the white color shows hope, confidence, and a fresh start. Having a dream about a black and white snake after a major life change suggests that you must accept the change, do your best to let go of the past, and embrace the start of a new beginning.

Final Words

Dreaming about a black and white snake is always significant and should never be ignored. There can be many dream interpretations, but this symbol represents one of the most, if not the most fundamental concept in metaphysics, yin, and yang. If you’ve recently had such a dream, pay attention, because something huge is coming your way.

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