Dream About Your Ex? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Your Ex (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dreaming about an ex can provoke a whole range of strong emotions, and when you wake, you may be left feeling sad, unhappy, disconcerted, empty or even scared.

However, unpicking the emotions of such a dream can be difficult – so in this post, we discuss the spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex to help you understand what it meant.

Dream About Your Ex? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

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Here are some of the most common reasons you might dream about your ex.

  1. You miss them and think about them a lot

One of the most obvious reasons for you to dream about your ex is simply that you miss them.

This is more likely if you only broke up recently, and you still spend a lot of time thinking about them.

If you constantly find your thoughts turning to your ex during your waking life so that you find it hard to concentrate on other things, it’s only natural that this is occupying your mind on a subconscious level too and is spilling out into your dreams.

However, as they say, time is a great healer, and with time, you should find yourself thinking about them less – and with time, they will stop popping up in your dreams.

  1. It’s a way of processing your feelings

Partly related to the interpretation above is that your dreams are a way of processing your feelings about your breakup.

Splitting up with someone can be incredibly difficult, leaving you sad, depressed, feeling sorry for yourself and experiencing a loss of self-esteem – and with all this, you may still miss them a lot too.

During our waking life, we may try to hide from our feelings or bury them, or we may turn feelings of sadness into negative feelings such as anger or resentment as a coping mechanism.

However, we need to process the feelings properly and in a healthy way – otherwise, they will become twisted inside of us and start to poison our souls.

This is why when we dream, we can face our feelings in a more honest and less painful way, which may help us deal with the feelings and eventually find some kind of closure by accepting that the relationship is over.

  1. You have a strong spiritual connection

There is another possible interpretation of dreams about your ex, and this is that you have a strong spiritual connection that hasn’t been broken, even though you split up.

If you were together for a long time or you were particularly deeply in love, this may well be why you are dreaming of your ex, and the dreams represent you communicating with each other while you are asleep on a subconscious level.

Depending on the circumstances of your breakup, there are different ways to act on this dream. If, for example, you left each other on bad terms, you might consider getting back in touch to make up and at least try to remain friends.

Alternatively, you could even consider giving it another try together since you already share such a deep spiritual bond.

  1. Your ex misses you

Another interpretation along similar lines is that your ex is missing you and that he or she is calling out to you in the dream world.

Again, depending on why you split up and how, this might make you feel sad, regretful – or even pleased. However, feeling happy about their pain is not a positive way of thinking, and you might consider getting back in touch to see how they are coping instead.

  1. You were not “meant” to split up

Related to the two interpretations above, the dream could tell you that you were not meant to split up and that the universe is trying to reconnect you.

If you such a strong spiritual bond that you seem to be in contact while you sleep, and you can also sense that your ex misses you, then it could be that you are soulmates and that your breaking up was never meant to happen.

Sometimes, soulmates never meet, and sometimes they meet, but then due to an accident, they split up or lose one another – and sometimes, when this happens, the universe can try to intervene to help them find each other again.

Do you feel that you had such a deep and unbreakable spiritual bond with your ex that your breaking up could have been a cosmic accident? And do you think they also feel the same way?

In cases like these, it’s worth trying to get back in touch again to talk things through and see where things went wrong. Because for two soulmates to meet and then lose one another again is a profound spiritual tragedy.

  1. You are not over your breakup and have unresolved feelings

If you dream of your ex, it may tell you that you are not over your breakup and that your feelings are unresolved.

Sometimes when relationships end, the decision is mutual, but often, one person wants out while the other is left begging them to stay.

This means if you dream of your ex, it could be that you were the one who wanted to keep trying, and this dream is telling you that you haven’t yet come to terms with the loss or the way it happened.

  1. There were unresolved issues

Alternatively, this dream could be telling you that certain issues were left unresolved when you went your separate ways, and that probably, certain things were left unsaid.

Long and loving relationships can sometimes end with slammed doors and simply never seeing each other again, and in this kind of case, you might need to seek closure simply by talking to each other, saying goodbye and perhaps sharing a final hug.

Another possibility is that you want to apologize for how things ended – which is a good thing – or that you want to get some things off your chest. However, be careful about this second possibility because shouting at somebody and insulting them never solves any problems.

  1. You are feeling insecure in a new relationship

If you are dreaming of your ex when you are just starting a new relationship, it could be that you are feeling insecure. It’s normal to compare your new love with your ex, and it may also bring up memories of how your ex made you feel.

  1. You are afraid of being hurt again

If you were hurt by your ex, dreaming of them might represent your fear of being hurt again – especially if you are just about to start a new relationship.

This might be hard to deal with at first, so take things slowly – but try not to shut out your feelings completely, or making new connections may become difficult.

  1. Another relationship is making you unhappy

A dream about an ex might not be about that ex at all – rather, it might be about another possibly non-romantic relationship that’s making you unhappy. Take time to think about your relationships with your friends and family to see who the dream could relate to.

  1. A reminder to avoid toxic people

If your ex displayed toxic behaviors, dreaming about them might remind you to avoid similar behaviors in others.

It could be a reminder not to jump into a new relationship with a similarly toxic individual, or it could be telling you that somebody close to you is behaving in a similar way to your ex.

  1. You were afraid of them

If your ex was especially toxic or even violent, you could be dreaming about them because you were afraid of them. This might mean you are even suffering from the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, in which case you might consider seeking professional counselling.

  1. You need to change back into the person you were before

When we are in relationships, our personalities inevitably change, sometimes subtly – and not always for the best.

However, if you dream about your ex, it could be telling you to rediscover the person you were before you met them – because the person you became when you were with them was not someone you want to be.

  1. You still have feelings of guilt

If you dream about your ex, perhaps about arguing with them or maybe about trying to apologize to them, it could mean that you still feel guilt for how things ended.

If, through self-exploration, you find this to be true, you may consider contacting your ex to talk things through with them – or at least, you should make up your mind to forgive yourself and move on.

  1. You are ready for a new relationship

Finally, dreaming about your ex may tell you that you are ready for a new relationship.

If you saw your ex in your dream but didn’t feel any strong connection or emotions, this could be the correct interpretation, leaving you free to start a new romantic relationship without any lingering emotional baggage.

An emotional dream that needs to be interpreted

Dreaming about your ex may leave you feeling strange as it might stir up many feelings you thought didn’t exist. However, you should examine the dream to find out what it meant because it probably has something important to tell you.

To do this, spend time in meditation, deep thought and self-exploration to analyze how you truly feel – then, by trusting your intuition, you will be guided to the correct interpretation of the dream.

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