Dream About Water Breaking (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Water Breaking (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Water is a powerful symbol in dreams and can have several meanings,  depending on your life stage and how the water behaves. But in pregnancy, the act of your waters breaking has extra significance.

Whether pregnant or trying to conceive, dreaming of water breaking can invoke strong maternal instincts and is a potent symbol of new life, protection, and security.

But this dream can be pretty confusing, too. Sometimes, water-breaking dreams can feel ominous and warn us of potential dangers to mother and baby. And if you’re single or don’t have maternal instincts, they can be even more confusing.

Today we’re going to explore what a dream of water breaking means. We look at the different symbols water can take and how this can be interpreted in different life situations.

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Dream About Water Breaking (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

1. Community

Many of us dream of water breaking when surrounded by loved ones. Perhaps it’s your spouse, parents, family members, or a midwife. These are potent symbols of your need for and fulfillment of community. Surrounded by helpers and caregivers can be a symbol of great strength.

In trying times, you can draw on the support of people around you to overcome obstacles. The quantity of people doesn’t matter – so long as those who appear are supporting and loving. When your newborn arrives, they too will feel the warmth and security of friends and family.

2. Life & Prosperity

Water has always been a strong symbol of comfort and prosperity in dreams. It is a life-giving source, able to quench thirst and combat drought. It can be gentle and nurturing, healing, and endless.

Because water is such a vital sign of peace, tranquillity, and prosperity, when waters break in a dream, they are often favorable omens.

You are in a happy, harmonious, and peaceful place. Slow water movements indicate you’re prepared and have great clarity. No doubt your pregnancy is going well, and you are thriving.

But don’t get complacent. You are in a good place right now because of your preparedness. Water can change at any moment. Take a pause, and enjoy this calming period. You’ve earned it.

3. Maternal instincts

Life begins inside the mother’s womb. The fetus survives in the amniotic sac, which protects them. Water has always been closely linked to this life-giving image, with the amniotic fluid a source of nourishment. When a woman’s waters break, the flow of this fluid signals the child is ready.

Your water breaking in your dreams reflects that you are a confident person. The circle of life continues, and all will go well. Just as the protective seal of your baby breaks, you are in the waiting, ready to take over.

Dreaming of water breaking can also strongly indicate your maternal instincts. Perhaps your dreams symbolize you’re ready for motherhood. Recognize that you are prepared and need to address this growing call for a child.

4. Hot Water

Water dreams can be quite insightful when you examine the water itself. The most telling, of course, is hot water.

Hot water is a reflection of intense emotions. When you are supposed to be at your calmest, you are instead hot-headed, annoyed, and quick to anger.

Is something, or someone, annoying you? Perhaps it’s directly related to your pregnancy or family life? This dream asks you to resolve any disputes and annoyances in your life – it could have a more significant impact on you and your baby than you realize.

5. Sorrow

As comforting as water can be, it’s important to remember it can also be a source of unchecked power and cruelty. Water scares people during storms, floods, or traveling across large oceans. Water can also symbolize drowning and feeling helpless.

Just as water breaking signifies new beginnings, this change can be frightening. You might feel helpless and literally ‘out of your depth.’ Motherhood is a significant change, and depression and illness are valid fears. Your dream may ask you to take note of your inner fears and address them.

6. New Beginning

If you are not pregnant, dreaming of your water breaking can be confusing, to say the least. But this is a common dream many women of many ages experience.

It often symbolizes rebirth, revival, and new beginnings – not necessarily becoming a mother, but something equally as significant. You can overcome adversities, and a new direction in life will present itself soon. Be prepared for it. And more than likely, you should say yes.

Perhaps the dream’s ending can give you more insight into what to do. Being submerged in dreams often symbolizes your need for protection and vitality. Maybe you need to put your own interests first for a change.

On the other hand, breaking free from water or breaking through to the surface heavily implies you need a complete, fresh new start in something. Like the child who breaks free at birth, you too may need to transition in life and begin anew.

7. Grief & miscarriage

If your water doesn’t break, or there’s a struggle during it, like shortness of breath, your dream can feel incredibly distressing. Is this a sign of bad things to come?

Trouble in water symbolizes how we think we’re fairing in life. We might be experiencing a period of helplessness, trying to thread water to stay afloat. You may feel like you’re failing somehow – and aren’t worthy.

If water doesn’t break, you could be exhausted, too. You might be focusing overly on the negatives of your life, including future complications, sickness, affliction, or even miscarriage.

Remember that pregnancy is an anxious time in someone’s life, and it’s OK to feel helpless. Just as there is the calm before the storm, there is also a calm afterward. This dream serves as a warning to prepare and protect yourself.

The water will settle into a trickle again. As distressing as this dream might be, trust yourself. You are deserving and capable.

8. Religious Experience

Throughout history, water has been incredibly symbolic. We use it in many ceremonies, including prayers, baptism, blessings, and marriage. We also use the idea of water to ‘wash away’ sins.

Water in pregnancy dreams is a source of healing. Water breaking can signify safety during pregnancy, and put faith in yourself during this time.

Perhaps the dream is accompanied by religious images, patron Saints, or symbols of baptism. This can be a strong sign of your faith, and the dream advises you to lean in on your religion and draw strength from it.

Maternity and family are revered in several religions, and a water-breaking dream is an incredibly emotional, powerful, and sacred event to witness. Trust that everything is in god’s hand.

9. Concealment

If you’re single or not having sexual intercourse, dreaming about waters breaking can feel like one of those crazy dreams. Even though it may not feel relevant, you should try to interpret this dream as symbolizing something in your life, mainly concealment.

Are you hiding something in your life? Are you denying yourself something important? Perhaps you need to people your true self. Pregnancy involves tremendous change – and this dream asks you to think clearly about your life. Maybe it’s time you transitioned into something new.

10. Fears and worries

When women are in labor, they are more vulnerable. Perhaps dreaming of water breaking can symbolize feeling insecure about your position, environment, or stability.

Water ripples are often an omen of change when tranquility is disturbed. Recurring dreams of water breaking may point to anxiety and fearfulness for the future. But remember – just like water, the surface begins to settle over time. You, too, will find inner peace once again.

11. Restless Mind

Water is an intense element on its own. Waves can ebb and flow gently or come crashing down at a moment’s notice.

In your dream, this same intensity is an important symbol of your subconscious – how you feel and think about things.

When the waters break, are you having a calm experience? Are you in control? This can signify you are grounded in your pregnancy and feel confident and capable. Nothing can phase you.

But a gradual rise in intensity could show you’re feeling overwhelmed. If this intensity rises to uncontrollable amounts, it points to you feeling already defeated. Perhaps you’re feeling powerless. Or you are scared of the unknown. Or, it could point to something in your life demanding quick thinking. Recognize some things are out of your control – prioritize what you need to balance the scales and calm the waters down.


Dreaming of your water breaking can have many different meanings, depending on your circumstances in life. Ultimately, it is a powerful dream of change, redirection, and rebirth.

For women who are single or who aren’t pregnant, the dream can symbolize feelings of safety and security. It can also channel maternal instincts and signify an upcoming change in your life.

But most definitely, the most powerful and symbolic water-breaking dreams stem from being pregnant. Women can draw immense strength from this dream to ensure a happy, harmonious birth. Invoking the powerful imagery of water breaking can breathe new life into your every day, ensuring a happy life to follow.

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