Dream Of Running Away From Police (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream Of Running Away From Police

Did you dream of running away from the police? This particular scenario could mean a lot of things, so it’s important that you know some of the key elements in the dream as well as the scenarios that you are in. Learn more about the possible interpretations in our waking life through our guide below:

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Dream Of Running Away From Police (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dreams are often intertwined with the happenings in our real life. Many believe that these successions of stories and images from our subconscious mind can help in incorporating memories, processing emotions, and even solving problems.

And if you dreamt of running away from a police officer or someone from the law enforcement department, this is generally not a good sign. It could be interpreted as a warning that obstacles may be coming your way.

On the flip side, such dreams may be construed as your chance to showcase your courage and face your obligations boldly. As the dream itself may bring bad news to the dreamer, it’s crucial to not walk away from your real-world problems.

In the past, you may allow people to have dominance over your feelings or decisions. Maybe, this is the perfect time to have perseverance and tenacity to take on new challenges. Have the patience to deal with life’s uncertainties and soon this will lead you to the right path.

While this is the general interpretation of the dream, there are actually other explanations, especially if we dissect the major elements of the dream. We have categorized the dream into four major sections for your reference:

1. Meaning of running in your dream

Running in your dream is sometimes associated with a certain aspect of your life that you are refusing to accept. You may be facing problems in your workplace or disagreements with your loved ones. You might feel that others are hiding something from you or perhaps scheming something to bring you down.

Hence, you try to run and evade these issues because you don’t want confrontations. Since this could be a premonition that you are running away from a problem, this may cause you distress. So, as much as possible, it’s best to face your worries than try to delay them.

Running endlessly in your dream and in real life is a tedious cycle. And if you continue to get away from minor problems, these will eventually become big, making them more difficult to overcome. In addition, you are hindering your personal growth―and even the possible joys in your waking life.

2. Meaning of chase in your dream

Being on a chase implies that you are under stress or you are anxious about a particular situation or upcoming event. Since you are being pursued, this could bring up fear and night sweats during your sleep, which might be associated with the anxiety you are feeling in reality.

In a dream, your instinct is to run away from the person chasing you. However, in real life, this could be a sign that you need to confront the problem. While it’s something you don’t want to face, dealing with your problems head-on and being in control of the situation is the best option.

4. Meaning of a policeman in your dream

Cops and authority figures are normally embodied by power and rules. This representation can symbolize your desire to assert control over a specific aspect of your life―whether it’s your personal undertakings or work happenings.

On the other hand, having a police dream may connote that you are being restrained in your real life. It signifies your inability to handle certain situations. But just like cops, you can assert authority even in challenging times―as long as you focus on your goals.

It’s also recommended that you try to loosen up and be more open-minded. This will help you understand areas that may have an impact on why you feel like being controlled. And perhaps, this can unravel your inner self so you can triumph in your own struggles.

5. Meaning of hiding from police in your dream

Now for the last element, hiding from a policeman means that you are stuck in a helpless situation in real life. It can also imply that there’s an aspect in your life that you need to get rid of for you to move to the next phase and be more successful.

Although removing a significant aspect of your life is very difficult, this can be helpful in honing your courage. Take a firm stance on what you believe and try to set your sight on what you need to accomplish and what you deserve.

Delving deeper into more specific dreams about running away from police

  1. Running away from police after committing a crime ―may be a signal of bad things coming your way in the near future. Thus, it’s important to be very careful about your professional and personal undertakings. Don’t be hasty in making a decision and weigh things accordingly.
  2. Running away from police for a crime that you did not commit ― suggests that in the near future, you will emerge victorious against your competitors, whether it’s your work life or relationships. It also entails that you may even receive a reward in return for your achievement.
  3.  Escaping from a police officer of the opposite sex ― implies that you have a certain attraction towards someone but you cannot share it with them. In this case, this might be your sign to confess your feelings to the person so you will know what’s in store for your relationship.
  4. Escaping from a police officer of the same sex ― highlights your involvement in a lingering conflict. And if you no longer want to dwell on these issues, this could be the perfect time to sort out all misunderstandings.
  5. Running away from police during a document check ― indicates that you may be getting ready for a drastic change in your life. Accordingly, you have to prepare yourself for what’s about to happen, either good or bad.
  6. Hearing a police whistle during a chase ― suggests that you might incur losses in real life. And if you clearly heard the sound of the whistle, you may be doing a very important task in a rush. In this regard, it’s best that you plan in detail so you won’t miss out on something.
  7. Breaking away from a police chase ― means that will be able to get rid of responsibilities or maybe losses that are at risk. Meanwhile, it could also indicate your freedom from unnecessary worries as well as obsessive thoughts, allowing you to grow as a person.
  8. Attempting to escape from police but no outcome ― this presumes excessive haste on one of your undertakings that will lead to mistakes. To avoid this from happening, make sure you so take one step at a time and focus on what’s more important.
  9. Running away from police but eventually captured ― conveys a possibility of unforeseen obligations that may negatively impact your life. This dream also signifies unfulfilled promises and unsuccessful meetings. Therefore, try to set your expectations so you won’t be disappointed.
  10. Being stopped by the police ― symbolizes your good intentions yet there is something that is stopping you. You may take it as a sign to pursue what you want to do as long as you do it truthfully and without stepping on others.

Learning more about dreams could be a possible bad sign

Since dreaming of running away from the police is generally associated with bad luck, it may be helpful that you know other dreams that are also considered bad omens. For instance, if you dream of a snake, it could be that someone is betraying you or threatening your life.

On contrary, dreaming of a monster or an evil spirit may represent a crisis or a situation that may possibly happen in the future. It also serves as an indicator that you need to take precautionary measures when dealing with other people.

Other dreams that indicate bad luck are dreaming of a cat, a foggy mirror, a deceased person, a baby, and some bugs. While most of these dreams signify an unfortunate omen, you can also look at the bright side.

Muster the courage to deal with the negative things. Don’t be distracted by things that are out of your control. Instead, just keep an eye on your goals. The outcome of your life largely hinges on your choices. So, balance all factors in the best interest of your life. Be hopeful and be a pursuer of realistic dreams.


Despite all of these, always remember that dreams are dreams. Hence, it could happen or not. Furthermore, interpreting dreams is very subjective, and their meaning could largely depend on your personal connection with that event.

So, you need to take everything with a grain of salt. Dreams are typically viewed as fragments of your waking life or sometimes gateways to the spiritual dimensions. You can use it as a sign but make sure you know how to distinguish it from reality.

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