Dream About Blue Snake (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Snakes appear frequently in dreams to people all around the world. While the specific meaning of a dream varies from person to person, knowing the general meaning of a dream can at the very least put you on the right track in dream interpretation.

Dreaming about blue snakes occurs not as often as dreams about snakes of other colors, but it’s always an important sign from the universe that you shouldn’t ignore. If you wonder what it means to dream of a blue snake, this article is just for you.

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The Symbolism of Snakes and the Color Blue

Understanding symbolism is a big part of what makes us human, and to understand what your dreams mean, you have to know the general meaning of symbols that have appeared to you.

Even if we aren’t aware of them consciously, symbols play a huge part in our lives, influencing our emotions, actions, and dreams. Because of that, let’s see what is the symbolism of the color blue and a snake.

Symbolic Meaning of Color Blue

Blue is the color of the sky and the water. As a result, it’s associated with both, positive and negative traits. The sky is heaven, the realm of gods, thus lighter shades of blue are associated with the divine, spirituality, royalty, purity, wisdom, and freedom.

On the other hand, the water is of darker shades of blue, thus they’re associated with the unknown, uncertainty, deceit, and negative emotions.

We can see this distinction clearly in the Greco-Roman tradition. They had two names for the color blue, caelum (en. the sky) for light blue, and caeruleus (en. sea). Most divine figures, including gods and heroes, had something of caelum, be it their eyes, or their weapons, while evil people had something of caeruleus.

For example, the Roman god of sun and light, Sol Invictus, is usually described as having light blue eyes, while despicable emperors (like Nero, who is arguably the most unjust ruler in Roman history, bringing tyranny and destruction to Rome) were always described as having dim blue eyes.

Symbolic Meaning of Snake

Snakes are slithering serpents, and possibly the most widespread animal referenced in cultures all around the world. It usually represents chaos and potential that has to be willingly realized by a person.

In some cases, it’s a bad omen forecasting famine, illness, or war, as snakes have poison that is dangerous to humans. However, a snake can be both, a friend and an adversary, and it all depends on the individual and how he acts towards it.

Additionally, snakes shed their skin as they grow older, they can also symbolize renewal, rebirth, and healing. Just as the skin of a snake is something that the snake leaves behind, humans have to leave some things behind them to heal and grow.

Main Components of Dream Interpretation

Even if you know what is the symbolism of snakes and the color blue, you need to be aware that there are countless factors influencing the meaning of your dreams. Every factor interacts with each other, changing the nuisance and even the overall meaning of your dream. However, there are three that are the most important:

1. What Do The Contents of Your Dream Symbolize (e.g., Snake)

Nearly every subject and object that appears in your dreams represent something. Knowing how to read the symbolic language of your dreams is incredibly valuable. It can help you lead a happy life, integrate your personality, become closer to your true identity, and avoid making costly mistakes in your waking life.

2. The Context and Details of the Dream (e.g., Snake Hissing)

As you will see, the same symbol appearing in a dream (e.g., blue snake) can have wildly different meanings depending on what it does in a dream. It should come as no surprise that a hissing snake represents different things than a snake that isn’t hissing.

The more details and context of the dream you remember, the more accurately you can assess its meaning. For example, having a dream about a snake coiling around you could signal that you’re about to experience overwhelming challenges.

That’s helpful, but remembering the color of the snake could indicate to you what kind of challenge it could be, making you more cautious. Just for comparison, a red snake likely indicates love or lust-related issues, while a blue snake signals spiritual issues regarding your inner world.

3. The Situation of Your Waking Life (e.g., Feeling Lost)

Finally, even the same exact dream can never mean or signal exactly the same thing to two different people that are living different lives. The meaning of dreams can differ even for the same person. Having the same exact dream that you’ve had years ago doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing it did the first time.

It’s because your personal situation and circumstances of your daily life influence the meaning of dreams as much as the content of the dreams themselves.

For example, dreaming about a blue snake when you’re feeling lost in life should encourage you to seek help and guidance, while having the same dream when you just made a huge change in your life likely means that you made the right call.

Meaning of Blue Snake Dreams (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Now we can take a look at some of the most widespread dreams about blue snakes, and see what they can signal to you. Remember, each dream is specific to you, so you shouldn’t blindly believe the following meanings, and the final verdict is yours. That said, knowing the general snake dream explanations can be a great starting point for personal dream analysis.

1. Blue Snake Hissing At You or Biting You

Dreaming about a blue snake that’s doing harm to you, be it by hissing or even biting you is usually a sign from your subconscious mind that you aren’t as aware as you should be. The blue snake symbolizes your spirituality and integration with your psyche.

By hissing, the snake is saying to you “Hey, hey, wake up!”. Most people who have such a dream are usually living in a bleak routine, just going through the motions of daily life without thinking much. If the blue snake bites you, it signals that your subconscious really wants to get your attention, and you have to shift your entire perspective on life as soon as possible.

2. Killing a Blue Snake

If you had a dream about killing a blue snake, it means that your spiritual growth has completely stopped and you put a halt on your inner development. Most often, people that had such a dream have recently committed a grave sin, be it an act of infidelity or even murder.

Such a dream signals that the person has turned their back against the gift of life, and willingly cut off any relationship they had with their own religion or supreme power they believe in, be it God or the universe itself.

3. Petting a Blue Snake

Dreaming about petting a blue snake means that you have a good relationship with the higher powers and that you’re heading in the right direction on your religious or spiritual path.

Some people have dreams about the snake “petting” them, by softly touching their body. Such a dream has the same meaning as petting the snake yourself.

4. Blue Snake Coiled Around You

Now, if the snake isn’t softly touching you, but instead had coiled around you and is squeezing you, it could be a sign that you’re at spiritual crossroads. Suffocation is a sigh that there’s some moral dilemma that you just can’t solve and it’s torturing you every single waking moment.

For example, there might be a fallout in your family, where both sides are right and wrong at the same time. Both sides are hoping for your support, but you can’t decide which side to choose. It brings oppression to, and demolition of, your interpersonal relationships.

In such cases of difficult decision-making, dreaming about a blue snake suffocating you means that you shouldn’t pick any side, and try to maintain good relations with both sides of the conflict.

5. Small Blue Snakes

If you have a dream of multiple blue snakes, it means that there’s something novel in your life that you’re underestimating. Be it the significance of a new person that has entered your life, or new responsibilities that your work. Seeing a small snake is a signal that you should be more focused and aware of what’s new to you.

6. Blue Snake Coiled Around a Tree

A tree is another powerful symbol that often occurs in dreams. It’s a representation of the Tree of Life, which spans from the depths of the underworld to the heights of the heavenly realm. Most cultures in the world have their own variation, be it Yggdrasil in Norse mythology, Kalpavriksha in Hinduism, and so on.

Dreaming about a blue snake coiling around a tree is a powerful signal from the universe or your subconscious mind. Its general meaning depends on several factors, including the state of a tree, and the movement of the snake.

  • Coiling Around a Healthy Tree

If the tree is healthy, lush, and green, and the blue snake is moving upwards, it means that you’re a spiritual person who keeps improving and moving towards enlightenment. If the snake is moving downwards, or even drops out of the tree, it means that your spiritual development is regressing.

  • Coiling Around an Unhealthy Tree

If the tree is unhealthy, having no leaves, it represents your inner world which is suffering. However, if you see the blue snake helping the tree, be it by picking parasites out of its bark, or leaving a trail of rejuvenation as it moves across it, it means that you’re working towards fixing your situation.

Most often, such dreams follow the repentance of a sinner or the beginning of some sort of religious or spiritual practice.

Final Words

Snake is a powerful symbol, being present in nearly every belief system of the world. Dreaming about a blue snake is not as frequent as dreaming of red or green snakes, but it’s nearly always a powerful symbol related to your spirituality and inner world.

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