Dream About Abandonment (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Abandonment

Do you constantly experience dreams of being abandoned?

Well, you’re not alone. Most people who fear losing their loved one or leaving a relationship often develop feelings of abandonment. These emotions might get amplified in their dreamscape.

Dreams of abandonment are a way for your subconscious mind to process phobia or anxiety that often stems from an underlying sense of conflict in life. The conflict could relate to childhood loss, relationship troubles, betrayal, and rejection.

With that in mind, join us as we try to decipher abandonment dream meaning and interpretation and how they relate to your waking life.

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Dream About Abandonment (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dreams of abandonment can carry several meanings. It all depends on the images, characters, environment, and narrative of the visions.

According to Jung’s theory, dream connotations help the dreamer examine and explain daily events. Better yet, it allows them to balance out various aspects of themselves they weren’t aware of. The same applies to abandonment dreams.

Whether positive or negative, these dreams might have physical, emotional, and even spiritual implications. For this reason, it’s crucial to understand the various themes embodied by such dreams.

Below, we’ve highlighted and discussed the common themes related to abandonment dreams. Let’s check them out!

1. Unresolved Childhood Crisis

Did your parents ridicule you as a kid? Or did they put too much pressure on you to be perfect?

Scientists believe that the first year of life is crucial for child development, and kids form an attachment style by the age of five.

Early childhood experiences and trauma, including the death of a parent, divorce, abuse, and not getting enough care (both physical and emotional) can cause negative beliefs about oneself and others.

The belief that you’re unlovable and others will always end up leaving you might form the foundation for insecure attachment and abandonment fears.

As an adult, this fear can manifest in your life as dreams of abandonment or rejection by your loved ones, whether parents, lovers, or friends.

2. Spiritual Journey

When abandoned, most people try to find solace within themselves as part of the healing process. Experiencing such dreams indicates the start of a spiritual journey.

The emotion and feeling your experience after being abandoned by a parent loved one or friend, help you reconnect with your true self and soul.

As a result, you’ll gain a better understanding of where you want to be and what you should do to achieve future success.

3. Pain and Grief

No one gets into a relationship with the hope of one day being forgotten, rejected, or betrayed. But life is not black and white. Therefore, all these scenarios are plausible.

It’s not uncommon to experience abandonment dreams after losing a girlfriend/boyfriend when a relationship ends. The dream is a way for your mind to ease your emotional pain before it becomes traumatizing. It’s a sign to get over the breakup, build self-esteem, and regain control of your life.

Similarly, the dream of abandonment may point to a strong sense of loss of a loved one to death. It reflects your grief because you feel alone, forsaken, and left behind. That holds, especially if you’re left with unresolved issues or loose ends of a relationship that had never fully been addressed.

Abandonment fears may also pop up in your dreams after a painful separation, a spouse experiencing severe illness or loss of love due to a lack of meaningful connection caused by teenage or adulthood traumas.

4. Letting Go

Another meaning of abandonment dreams is letting go. It’s high time to let go of behaviors, past relationships, or unhealthy hobbies that hinder your growth and development.

Accept that life is ever-changing, and learn how to adopt and approach everything with a positive mind. Remember, dwelling in the past will bring you only pain.

The second meaning of abandonment in your dream is a desire for freedom of independence. You wish to get rid of mental chains and feelings of insecurity and guilt from your childhood that limit your thoughts and behaviors. Consider the dream as a cue to overcome your psychological limit and discover your true self.

That said, experts believe that dreams sometimes represent the opposite of what’s happening in the vision to counteract the imbalances of life.

For instance, if a friend abandons you in a dream, it’s a sign to make amends and build strong friendships. When the dream relates to a toxic relationship, it could suggest you’re too attached to your partner. If you don’t call quits, you will continue suffering emotional and mental pain.

5. Acceptance of Others

If you had a bad childhood experience, chances are you desire constant attention from others. Any signs of rejection or separation from loved ones or parents stir up fears of abandonment that lead to abandonment dreams.

This kind of dream suggests you need to overcome childhood-related security issues. Otherwise, you will develop obsessive tendencies toward other people.

The insecurities might even trickle down to your healthy relationship. This is true, especially if you have trust issues, lack emotional intimacy, and want to control your partner.

6 Interesting Examples of Abandonment Dreams

1. Dream of Being Abandoned by Your Child

Although you’ve made great strides in life, your past keeps coming back, and you fear it will soon take center stage. The dream serves as a reminder to let go of the past or you will never stop relieving the painful memories.

Keep in mind that painful reflection slowly chips away your mind until you develop a mental health condition. No one wants that, right? It’s therefore imperative to detach from the initial separation anxiety you experienced as a child, as well as any other restrictions.

From a spiritual perspective, a dream of being abandoned by your child symbolizes a good life. Of course, you must put in the effort and be prepared to face whatever comes your way.
Dream of Abandoning a Job

You have a positive outlook on life. Because of this, you will enjoy significant career growth even if you leave your current job. The same attitude and positivity can come in handy when dealing with other small problems.

The dream of abandonment also stands for your desire to achieve more in life, whether is in your business, important relationships, or even spirituality.

2. Dream of Abandoning Family

This kind of dream comes with a negative connotation. It symbolizes hard times on the horizon. As such, take caution when making any important decision. Don’t forget to keep your loved ones close because they will provide you with the emotional support you need to face when dealing with a specific situation.

Another meaning of dreaming of abandoning family is unsolved issues. Probably you show a lack of appreciation for others. As a result, some family members don’t trust you and are unwilling to confide in you anymore.

The dream urges you to get to the root of the problem. If you’re the source of the conflict, acknowledge it and take the necessary measures to make amends.

3. Dream of Abandoning Someone

Dream of abandoning someone first links to your readiness to move on. At long last, you can let go of events from the past that may have caused your trauma.

As part of the healing process, you’ve finally changed your life for the better. No more emotional trauma and experiences to hold you down. You’re ready for a fresh beginning with a positive attitude.

If you make someone abandon you, it shows your desire for freedom. You don’t wish to live by the rules and regulations anymore. You want to live your life as you see fit.

4. Dream of Being Abandoned by Partner/Lover

You have trust issues and feel insecure in your relationship. Although your love is as strong as ever, you harbor fears of your spouse or lover leaving.

The dream is proof enough that your fears and anxiety are taking the better of you. In turn, they are hurting your relationship. At the same time, it could mean you seek independence.

5. Dream of Abandoned Building

A majority of people consider their house as a safe haven. Therefore, a dream of abandonment can seem terrifying.

While this dream doesn’t imply your house will be abandoned in real life, most likely you’re susceptible to issues knocking on your door. So, be alert and careful! Besides that, the dream could symbolize unexpected financial gains.

A dream of other abandoned building like a warehouse point to long life and prosperity. As for an abandoned factory, you might face some challenges with your employer or school.

6. Dream of Being Abandoned in A Deserted Place

Dreams of being lost and alone in a deserted area could signal serious life problems with no feasible solutions. Another interpretation is that you are surrounded by individuals who wish you harm. The dream also reflects your loneliness in your waking life.

Final Thoughts

As explained above, dreams about abandonment denote several meanings and interpretations. However, a few connotations stand out, like fear and anxiety, loneliness and desire for freedom and independence.

These dreams are quite common among individuals who’ve suffered early childhood trauma or spent little time with loved ones. But if the dreams occur frequently, we recommend you seek the help of a licensed therapist or mental health expert.

As with most dreams, abandonment dreams can shed a light on your real-life scenarios. However, you must dive deeper to discover the hidden messages.

Did you find this guide helpful? Let us know your answer in the comments section below!

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