Dream About Falling? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Falling

Have you ever wondered what it means when you dream that you are falling? In this dream, you feel that you are in the air, you have nothing to hold on to, then boom, you are on the ground.

Yes, it will hurt, but what’s the message behind the fall in your dream? Such dreams can shock and scare you in real life. Well, worry less. Here, we’ll answer the question: What does it mean when you’re falling into a dream?

Mostly, the meanings of this dream come as a warning. These warnings also carry a message of hope. So, keep reading to see the nine meanings.

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Dream About Falling (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

1. Some Uncertain Future is Haunting You

A dream about falling shows that something that will happen in the future haunts you. Remember, it’s something that you don’t know how it looks.

This dream shows your concern about this future. You are very anxious about it, but you aren’t sure about it.

Well, here, you’ll dream that you are falling from any place. Also, it shows that you aren’t sure of how the picture of your life will be many years from now. So, as you keep worrying, something dark from this future keeps haunting you.

This future makes you unsure of what to do in life. You don’t know which path is correct for you.

But there’s still some hope. Don’t give up on your plans, even if the dream reminds you of your unsure future. Keep doing what’s correct for you, and all shall be well.

2. You have Fear

While in your dream, if you see yourself falling, it means that fear has clouded many areas of your real life. Here, you can dream that you are falling from a building. The dream means that you are always insecure about what will happen to the things you do in real life.

It might be in areas like your relationship with your love partner or workplace. You feel like your position will go away soon. This fear can even be in your social status.

The spirits are now telling you that these fears aren’t helping, but they are draining you every time. Also, these fears are creating more chaos and problems in your real life.

But what should you do to make it right? Well, it’s simple. In your real life, handle every area with much courage.

Don’t forget that in life, there will always be challenges. But how you handle them is what will define your greatness.

It would help if you didn’t let fear be part of you. It’s what will make you successful.

3. You’ve Lost Control in Real Life

This dream can mean that you are losing or have lost control in some areas of your life. It shows that things may have gone out of control but against your wishes.

In this dream, the main thing you’ll recall is that you were falling. It might also be that someone pushed you, and you were falling. There won’t be a detailed happening in the dream.

Sometimes, it might be that you’ve upgraded your life. So, this new life has become hard for you to manage. The situation is giving you more stress and makes you more anxious.

Also, the spirits now tell you that your pain and stresses are making you tired. Well, it’s because you keep seeking solutions, but they all hit a dead end. Remember, this terrible feeling will show itself in your real life.

What does it mean if someone in your dream pushed you and you fell? It shows that the person you saw is the one who made you lose in some areas of your life.

But you can recollect yourself and make things better again. It doesn’t matter if the situation is challenging. There’s room for you to plan for your success.

4. You’ve Failed in some Things

This dream shows that you have already failed in some areas of your life. Mostly, it means that what you’ve failed in life will make you lose your social status and frame. Also, the failure in your status could even affect your position at work or marriage.

Here, you’ll only dream that you are falling. But if the dream keeps happening, it’s time for a heads up. Look into your real life to see the areas you might be failing.

These failures might also come in because of your negligence. You might have ignored many warnings before the failure. So, now you are facing the music of your doings.

Remember, the dream might also mean that you are yet to fail, but you are getting the red flags. If you don’t see these flags, you’ll have a complete fall in your task or the goal you have in life.

5. You are Depressed

Yes! Falling in your dream could mean that you are depressed in real life. You might be aware of it or not, but you are going through a time that affects your emotions.

The depression comes after you’ve lost something important in your life. So, in your dream, you’ll see yourself falling as a way of escaping from the things that seem hard in real life. Also, you can dream that you are falling off a cliff.

It can also be that you are depressed because an empty thought came to your mind. The feeling now makes you sad. You’ll also have a negative feeling about many things in your life.

So, the spirits tell you to free yourself from such negative thoughts. Also, you can seek help and advice from the right people.

The aim is to reduce the grief in your life. But if you don’t work on this matter soon enough, you’ll fail in real life.

6. You are Either Lost or Disappointed

If you see yourself fall while dreaming, it can mean that you are disappointed or lost in real life. These things are making you regret the choices you made in the past.

Also, these disappointments are represented by you falling while dreaming. Remember, you can fail to meet your life goals. Well, it can be because of some challenges.

Sometimes, the fall will show that you’ve failed to overcome the setbacks. You’ll have lost your direction in real life. The dream will show that you aren’t aware of what to do next because you fear that you’ll fail.

Also, it’s from this fear that you get the feeling of being lost. These feelings will take away your peace. You’ll feel like there’s nothing or nowhere else to get help.

The dream is also giving you a solution. There’s still some hope for you to turn things around for your good. Remove the feeling of being lost from your mind.

7. A Loss of Hope

A dream about falling can mean losing hope in some of your life goals. You feel like there’s nothing good for your future. Well, it’s because you see your present times falling apart.

The fall shows that you’ve lost that solid ground and have no direction you can rely on for your success. As these things happen, you can’t know what will happen in your future. So, you see that you can fall any time.

This dream comes to warn you about the negative feeling you have. But what can you do to get that glimmer of hope back? Well, ensure you have that positive gear in everything you do.

Sometimes, your plans might fail to make sense. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep working on them.

8. You want help

This dream means that you want someone to help you solve your life problems. Well, sometimes, life can be hard on you. It makes you feel like you have no one around you to support you.

So, in the dream, the fall shows that you want support from the people you trust. As you seek this support, not everyone will help you.

It’s never a bad thing to get help from the people around you. But you should never put all your hopes in one basket. Ensure you seek help from many people.

Remember, some people can let you down. It will affect your mental state. Be careful.

9. You need to Rest

If you have this dream, it can also mean that you have a heavy working schedule which makes you tired. So, you need some rest.

In this dream, you’ll see yourself fall from the sky. Your recent times at work keep making you tired.

Yes, you might be sleeping as a form of Rest. But the dream comes to remind you that the sleep you are getting isn’t enough.

It’s a meaning that comes as a warning. After having such a dream, the best thing is to give yourself some time off or you’ll break down. The spirits also tell you to live a healthy life.


The meanings of dreams about falling tend to be negative. But if you are always optimistic about the things you do, you’ll always see this dream as a friendly reminder in your real life.

It’s a fact that this dream will always be scary. If you treat the dream without any fear, you’ll bring a fresh start to your life. Remember, this can apply if you’ve already started facing the problems.

So, what was your thought when you first dreamt that you were falling? Did the meaning connect with what was happening in your real life? Feel free to share your experiences with us.

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