Dream About Phone Breaking (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

In the last ten to twenty years or so, our telephones have become such integral parts of our lives that it’s almost impossible to imagine what it was like only a few years ago when everybody didn’t have one in their pocket.

It’s no wonder, then, that telephones have also become a common element in dreams, and breaking them is a recurrent theme. So help you interpret such a dream, in this post, we answer the question, what does it mean when you dream about your phone breaking?

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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Phone Breaking?

Before we talk about how to interpret a dream about breaking a phone, we need to consider what phones represent to different people. This is because dreams are highly subjective, and what a phone symbolizes to the dreamer can significantly affect the meaning of the dream.

Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone, and their broad functionality means they can symbolize many things to many people, but the most basic symbolism of even the oldest landline is communication.

Phones represent daily communication as well as staying in touch with people who are far away – and as an extension, they are also a symbol of our relationships.

Furthermore, smartphones are connected to our image. Many are expensive and stylish, and to some people, their phone is as much a fashion accessory as a designer bag or branded clothing. This means phones can also represent our self-image – and even our self-worth.

This is reinforced by the fact that we use phones to access social media, which is where we project our self-image, looking for approval, admiration or validation. Phones are connected to how we want people to see us – as well as how they really see us.

Phones can represent safety since you can always use one to call for help if you’re in trouble. They also represent our connection to the wider world because most people use phones – or tablets – to access news.

Finally, they can also be a symbol of addiction for people who spend too much time on their phones, representing something from which we can’t escape.

Dream Of Phone Breaking (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Having considered some of the things mobile phones represent to us, now we can have a look at some of the most common ways to interpret a dream about breaking a mobile phone.

1. A breakdown of communication

If you dream about your phone being broken, one of the most common ways to interpret it is that there has been a breakdown in communication with somebody important in your life.

It could be that you’ve fallen out with somebody in your family, and now neither side is truly listening to anything the other side has to say.

In this kind of situation, it can be hard to repair the damage – but the first step should always be to mend the lines of communication so you can hear each other’s point of view and start to talk your problems through.

Another possibility is that you may have had a breakdown of communication with your partner, which could have happened because of an argument or simply because you have been drifting apart because you are both so focused on your careers or your children.

In any case, the solution is always the same. The dream is telling you that you are not communicating with each other, so the answer is to take time to talk through the issues and try to find ways to improve the situation and return your relationship to where it was before.

2. A misunderstanding

A similar interpretation of a broken phone dream is that you have had a misunderstanding with someone – and this could be a family member, your partner or a friend.

Perhaps you are angry with each other because you have got your wires crossed, or maybe something was said that was misconstrued or taken in the wrong spirit.

After having this dream, you will know if it could relate to a similar situation in your waking life, and if it does, again, the solution is to try to improve communication between yourselves.

Take the time to talk through what happened and what might have gone wrong – because once you both explain yourselves properly, you may find there was no problem at all.

3. Fear of losing people you care about

We don’t just use our phones for communication, we also use them to store all kinds of information – and one of the most important types of information is the contact details for all the people we know.

Sometimes, if your phone is lost, you might lose contact with some of the people whose information was stored there forever – so a dream of breaking a phone could express a fear of losing people you care about.

This could mean you are afraid of drifting apart from your friends and slowly losing touch, but it could also symbolize your fear of people you love dying.

If you believe it to be the latter, try not to allow such negative thoughts to occupy too much of your mind but instead, try to turn negative thoughts like these into positive ones by cherishing those you love and spending as much time with them as possible.

4. Feeling alone, insecure or in danger

Phones represent a connection to other people when we are alone, and they also symbolize a lifeline when we are in danger, so breaking a phone in a dream could mean you are feeling lonely or insecure in your waking life.

If you think the dream is about loneliness, seek out your friends and loved ones and try to spend more time with them – or try to find new activities that will allow you to meet new people to socialize with.

However, if the dream is about feeling insecure, you should try to analyze where these feelings are coming from and try to find ways to make yourself feel more confident.

5. Breaking an old phone – change and growth or stagnation

If you dream of breaking an old phone, it can be a strong sign that means you are ready for change and growth or that you have already entered a period of evolution, either in the physical world or in the spiritual one.

In this case, you should embrace the change because it often brings with it many new opportunities.

On the other hand, the dream could be telling you that your life has become stale and boring and that you need a change to freshen things up, in which case it is up to you to go out and make the change happen.

6. An expensive phone being broken – damage to your reputation

Some people spend lots of money to always have the latest telephone model, and often, this is partly to enhance their image. However, a dream of breaking an expensive phone can be a sign that your carefully cultivated image or reputation has been damaged somehow.

7. Cracks in the screen – strains in a relationship

If a broken phone means communication has broken down, dreaming of a phone with cracks in the screen represents strains in a relationship.

If you have this type of dream, take time to consider which relationship it could relate to and try to patch things up before the damage becomes too serious.

8. Deliberately breaking a phone – cutting ties with somebody

There are several ways to interpret breaking your own phone deliberately, and one is that it represents cutting ties with somebody.

Think about whether your actions in life are causing ties to be cut with somebody – and consider whether you really want those ties to be cut.

Cutting a toxic person out of your life can be a positive thing to do, but cutting a good person out can be something you later come to regret.

9. Deliberately breaking a phone – harming yourself through your actions

Our telephones are inherently useful to us, so breaking your own telephone can be interpreted as harming yourself through your actions due to your anger towards somebody else – in a way that is succinctly summarized by the idiom “cutting off your nose to spite your face”.

Consider if the way you are behaving is really useful – or are you being driven to taking regrettable actions through stupidity or stubbornness?

10. Deliberately breaking a phone – a need for independence or freedom

Finally, breaking your own phone can be an expression of independence or freedom – or a desire to break free from an oppressive situation.

Sometimes, we feel we are so attached to our phones that we can’t leave them alone or switch them off for even a few minutes.

For this reason, smashing your own phone could be your subconscious mind’s way of rebelling against whatever it is you feel chained to, whether it’s your relationship, your job or just your life situation in general.

Several possible interpretations

As we have seen, breaking a phone in a dream can represent many things, including a loss of communication, fear of loneliness, a cry for freedom or several others.

To interpret a dream like this, you should pay attention to the details and see how the dream seems to apply to your current life situation. Then, through meditation and deep thought, your intuition will guide you to the correct understanding of what you saw.

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