Dream About Water Flooding? (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream About Water Flooding

There’s an old episode of Radio Lab that talks about out-of-body experiences. The show covers pilots, amputees, and a magical butcher. It raises and answers some interesting questions about the link between brain and body. This is a complex connection that comes up a lot while you’re asleep, so what does it mean when you dream about water flooding?

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Dream About Water Flooding (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

1. Bad Memories

A flood is defined as a large amount of water submerging an area that’s usually dry, whether it’s a house or a playground. So if you leave at the coast, next to a river or lake, or in an area where the sewers burst routinely, floods may be unpleasant, but they’re not unimaginable.

So what does it mean when you dream of water flooding but you’re routinely exposed to it? It could mean something in your life has reminded you of the pain, trauma, or feelings associated with flooding. You’re remembering and grieving, or maybe you’ve been triggered.

2. A Call to Repent

Floods can be caused by lots of things, but the three main types of floods are river, coastal, or flash floods. And each type will have a different meaning when you see it in your dreams. In the Bible, The Flood was a sign of God’s wrath. It was a punishment for humanity’s evil.

This flood wiped out the whole world except for the 8 people in the ark (and all those pairs of animals). So if you’re a Christian, a dream about a flood could mean you’re guilty about hidden sin and are expecting punishment. Pray for God to help you repent and recover.

3. A Sign of Goodness

But what does it mean when you dream of water flooding but you haven’t done anything wrong? If your prayers and fasting haven’t revealed hidden sin, think about your viewpoint during the dream. Were you watching the floodwaters while safely sitting in a boat or ship?

Or were you in a skyscraper high above the floodwaters? Maybe you were protected in a flood-free bunker. That could mean you’re among the lucky 8 (Noah, his wife, their sons, and their wives). It may mean you’re one of the good guys and will be protected from the damage.

4. Your Partner is Coming

In the Biblical examples above, dreaming about water flooding could have two opposite meanings. It could be a validation of your faith, proving you’re worthy to be saved by God when he destroys evildoers. Or it could be a warning to change your ways and do better.

But what if you see the floodwater from an animal’s perspective? In the dream, you may be one of the chosen creature pairs. Maybe you’re desperate in your search for your soul mate. The universe is about to send them your way in a flood of blessings. Get ready to receive!

5. A Fresh Start

For Christians, Noah’s Ark has lots of lessons: listen to your elders; live a faithful life; raise your children to trust God; miracles are real; never take God’s wrath lightly. But while the flood destroyed the whole world, it also caused a seismic shift – pun intended – a new plane.

After the floods, God sent the rainbow as a promise to his faithful. Life began again, with fresh forests, new plants, and a renewed crop of animals. Humankind literally refreshed with a holy, vetted bloodline. The flood in your dream could be a sign of blessed beginnings.

6. A Message from Your Gut

Earlier, we mentioned coastal, river, and flash floods as the main types. But experts sometimes add inland/urban floods and storm surges to the list. Because the different flood types have distinct causes, they can send varied messages when they appear in your dreams.

Dreams can be literal or figurative. Say you dream about a river flood while you’re napping in the car on the way to a camping trip. This could be a practical warning. Check the weather, make sure you have life jackets, and consider changing the camping spot to higher ground …

7. A Vacation Reminder

Similarly, you might dream about your house getting flooded while you’re away on holiday. This could be another sign from your higher self, so take a few extra precautions. Call the insurance company to be sure premiums are up to date and the fine print covers flooding.

If you hadn’t already, think about getting the pets out of the house and ask a friend or relative to check the house while you’re away. Turn off the water mains, confirm that all the faucets are shut, and if you have key documents, store them in watertight safes or suitcases.

8. It’s Time to Take a Break

What does it mean when you dream about water flooding towards you? Remember, your point of view during the dream is a major hint. So if you’re inside a sheltered space and watching the crashing waves outside, it is different from a dream where the waves attack you.

You may find yourself exposed, maybe you’re bobbing and choking inside the floodwaters. Or you could be in a car or near a window with the imminent water crashing in. This could mean you’re overwhelmed at work, financially, or socially. You need a breather and a break.

9. You’ve Sprung a Leak

Sometimes, your dream about floodwater stops suddenly when the water is about to hit you. Other times, you physically feel the waves battering your body. You might wake up wet with sweat, or the dream may continue into the aftermath of the flood. Both could be clear clues.

At the simplest level, your dreams about floods could be similar to a dream about a doorbell when the alarm rings, or a bathroom queue when your bladder is full. They’re your soul’s way of warning you about a minor event in the waking world, so get up and check the taps!

10. You’re Shifting Your Level

But what does it mean when you dream about water flooding at a deeper level? Spiritually, water is a portal. That’s why it signifies rebirth in baptism (and time-travel in sci-fi). So dreaming about floods could mean your spiritual plane is shifting to a new form of being.

This might be something expected – a wedding, a new job, a big trip. How did you feel in the dream? Were you afraid? Were you cowering or facing them head-on? Did you have a boat or were you confident you could swim? Then you can handle this change. You’re ready for it.

11. You’re All in Your Feels

As we’ve mentioned, dreams about floods can be practical or peripheral. If you’ve had bad weather or have been watching shows (and news reports) about tsunamis, the dream could be a basic reflection of your recent experiences. Maybe you’ve had a dry spell, pun intended.

In that sense, dreaming about floods could be a sign of suppressed emotions that have been triggered and are threatening to overwhelm you. Talk to a friend, mentor, counselor, or therapist to help you unfurl those hidden feelings. You have to see them before you can deal.

12. There’s a Baby on Board!

Dreams about water are almost always a sign of pregnancy. It’s that whole breaking water thing. So if you’re pregnant, your dream could wake you and urgently prompt you to get to the hospital. If you’re getting older, you might subconsciously be thinking about starting a family.

Maybe you’re already pregnant. Floods could represent your fears about your (in)ability to raise a child physically, emotionally, and financially. Maybe you’re worried how the baby will affect your relationship and career. You might even think your partner will reject the baby.

13. Your Purpose is Clear

You may not realize the importance of context if you’re wondering what it means when you dream about water flooding. Suppose you’re floundering in life, unclear of what career path you should take. Maybe you’re in a dilemma, choosing between two equally viable options.

In this case, focus on your feelings and actions during the dream. Were you panicking and searching for a raft? It may mean it’s time to cultivate relationships and connections that will help you out in life. Were you saving kittens and grannies? That could be a call to service.

14. Surf’s Up!

Climate can be studied and predicted. But while we can plan for tornadoes and tsunamis, we can’t always foresee floods. They sneak in! Suppose you’re a diver or surfer, whether you do it professionally or for fun. Dreaming about a flood in your neighborhood could be exciting!

Maybe you imagined yourself scuba diving past your neighbor’s ducks or surfing inside the mall. These may be warnings of unexpected experiences, but they’re things you love and succeed at, so these are good surprises! And you’re fully equipped for the incoming fortune.

15. Unwanted Energy

If you’re a particularly spiritual person, you may have a closer connection to your spirit guides and higher helpers. They may communicate with you more directly and effectively than the average Joe or Jane. So your flood dream could be a warning about new energy.

This could be a new force in your life – maybe a neighbor, colleague, or that shop that just opened down the street. The floodwaters represent the spirit of this new being and may be a sign that they plan to sabotage you. Fortify your spiritual shield in preparation for the attack!

16. Sensual Yearnings

Even if you’re the politest, most chaste being in your world, you’ll know about the link between water and sexuality. It’s not just about beach boudoirs and bikini bounty. For men, women, and every human between, a surge of fluid is a sign of satisfactory sensual sensation.

So your wet dream might be just that – a wet dream. You may have been frolicking with someone attractive in your sleep and the floodwaters represented fruition. Or you may be missing a particular person (or activity) and are eager to get re-acquainted with that space.

17. Unknown Fears

As with all dreams, your attitudes towards water play a role in your flood dreams. Are you generally scared of water or does it represent life? Do you happily fish in the river but avoid the deeper ocean? Are floods unwanted urban nightmares or a welcome agricultural season?

If floods are considered negative in your culture, your dreams may mean you’re uneasy under the weight of something unknown. Maybe you have a bad gut feeling or you’re angsty. Do some exploratory work with a guide you trust. They can help uncover your secret fears.

18. Financial Instability

What does it mean when you dream about water flooding your house or office and carrying property away? As we’ve said, floods are unexpected, whether it’s a swelling river or a burst pipe in the basement. But if property is destroyed in your dream, it means money problems.

There might be a vulnerability in your investments that will let the flood of failure swallow your wealth. Maybe you made a bad financial choice, or are about to get fired, or robbed by water bandits, or hit with an expensive divorce. Call your lawyer and/or accountant pronto!

19. Extreme Infatuation

We’ve talked about the connection between floods and fertility, both with partners and with farms. But think of all the sensual stories connected to water – mermaids, sirens, navy seals, ocean genies, Baywatch! Your flood dreams might your new love has a waterborne link.

But even if your next date is hydrophobic, the floods in your dreams symbolize your depth of feeling for them. You might (not) be aware of how intensely attracted you are to this new person. So your night floods might be your soul warning you that you’re intensely infatuated.

20. Take Control

A sudden rush of water almost always leads to chaos. The people, scenarios, and structures involved are largely out of control. So what does it mean when you dream about water flooding? It means you need to step back and figure out what’s going wrong, where, and why.

Maybe you’ve neglected a certain relationship (whether it’s a friend, a partner, or a cubicle-mate at work) and are about to lose that person. Maybe you’ve been ignoring your feelings and/or refusing to act on a certain situation and it’s about to blow. It’s time to make peace.

21. Run or Receive

In addition to your mood, point of view, and (in)action during the dream, think about the quality of the floodwater and any living beings inside it. Was the water clean or dirty? Did you see any fish, people, or animals in the water – lovers, pets, sharks, annoying neighbors?

Seeing clean floodwater full of happy fish and swimming dolphins could mean a massive but overwhelming blessing is on its way. Dirty floodwater with dead sea creatures or frightened pets could indicate calamity. Open yourself to the good … or start damage-control for the bad!

What Do Flood Dreams Mean?

If you’re dreaming about floods, focus on your feelings during the dream and lean into the context of events. Think about your perspective as well – where were you in relation to the rushing waters? And what (if anything) were you doing about it? Try these interpretations:

  • If you’re religious, floods might mean divine punishment.
  • For water sport lovers, flood dreams could be a promise of adventure.
  • The speed and volume of water suggest you may be feeling overwhelmed.
  • Floodwater sometimes suggests blessings and babies.

What was your last dream about water flooding? Tell us about it in the comments section!

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