Dream Of Drinking Alcohol (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Some people see alcohol as something they drink to relax or celebrate while others see it as something to be avoided and even potentially evil – but one thing’s for sure and that’s that if you dream about it, there’s a good chance it has a deeper spiritual meaning.

However, such dreams are not always easy to unpick – so in this post, we discuss the spiritual meaning of drinking alcohol in a dream to help you understand what you saw.

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Dream of Drinking Alcohol: The associations we have with alcohol


Before we talk about how to interpret dream about drinking, we need to start by saying a few words about the different associations we have with alcohol.

This is because people can have vastly different impressions of alcohol depending on their background and their relationship with booze, and this can have a significant effect on how a dream should be interpreted.

For some, drinking represents socializing or celebrations – in many cultures, alcohol is commonly consumed with friends, and people often drink champagne to celebrate weddings or other important events.

Similarly, many people see a few beers or a glass of wine or two as a reward for completing a difficult task or for simply getting through another hard week of work.

However, for others, alcohol is related to getting drunk, making bad decisions and being out of control.

It can also be a coping method for getting through tough times or dealing with regret or grief, and these connotations are much more negative.

Then there are those who are dependent on alcohol, so drinking may symbolize addiction – and for some, alcohol even represents temptation by the devil.

Finally, in some religions – notably Islam – alcohol is forbidden and may represent things like sinning against God or the sinfulness of those who drink it.

Dream Of Drinking Alcohol (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)


Having looked at the different ways people view alcohol, now let’s move on to thinking about what it means if you dream of drinking it.

1. Achievement or celebration

If you usually drink alcohol to celebrate or use it as a reward to help motivate yourself, then a dream of drinking alcohol could be a sign that you have achieved something recently.

In this case, seeing yourself drinking in your dreams could be a manifestation of the pride and excitement you feel for having been promoted at work, for passing your driving test or for having been accepted into college, for example.

Another possible interpretation related to this is that success is on its way – and that if you only persevere a little longer, you’ll soon be enjoying a glass of your favorite tipple in celebration.

2. Big change

A similar meaning could be that you are about to undergo a momentous change in your life, and your dream marks the end of the last phase of your life and the start of the new.

If this is the correct interpretation, it probably means that you see the upcoming change as positive and that you are ready to welcome it and take advantage of the new opportunities it brings.

However, if you are unaware that change is coming, this dream could tell you that you are open to change and that you are ready to accept whatever the future brings with an open mind.

3. You want to socialize


Often, people associate drinking with spending time with their friends, so if you dream about drinking with other people, it could mean you have a desire to spend more time socializing.

Consider how you have been feeling recently – are you lonely and in need of more human contact? If the answer is yes, perhaps this dream could be a sign that you need to make more time for your social life because you are spending too much time alone.

4. You’re not in control of your life

When many people think of alcohol, they think of getting drunk.

As you become increasingly intoxicated through drinking alcohol, you start to lose control, and this could be the metaphorical meaning of your dream – especially if you were drunk in the dream.

Do you feel that events in your life are getting out of hand and that you are no longer in control of what happens next? Perhaps, like a drunk, you feel that everything is happening around you, but you are strangely disconnected from it all.

When we drink alcohol, there comes a point when we can decide to stop drinking and wait until we start to regain control of our faculties – or we can simply carry on drinking, after which we will probably end up completely drunk.

As a result, dreaming about getting drunk may tell you that now is the time to retake control of the situation before it spirals completely out of your control.

5. You need a break

For many people, drinking means the weekend has landed, or it means that they have free time to let their hair down and relax – so dreaming about drinking can often mean that you need to take time out to unwind and recuperate.

Think about how this could apply to your current situation. Have you been working flat-out recently? Do you feel you’re so busy that you don’t even have time to think, let alone do the things you enjoy?

If that rings true, it’s a good indication that this dream is telling you to allow yourself a bit of downtime because otherwise, you’ll end up burning yourself out.

6. You’re under stress


Many people associate drinking with relaxation, but for others, it’s a way of coping with stress – so if you dream about drinking, and you’re currently under a lot of stress, a more likely interpretation is that you need to find a way to lighten the load.

Perhaps you are working on an important project at work, and there’s a lot of pressure to succeed – or maybe you’re suffering because of all the responsibilities and chores you have at home.

If you think this is what your dream might be about, you should take time to reflect and see where the stress is coming from. You’re the only one who can answer this question – and you’re also the only one who can work out what you can do to improve the situation.

7. You’re experiencing a difficult time in your life

Similar to drinking to relieve stress, sometimes we might drink to get through tough times in life – like being fired from work, breaking up with someone or even losing someone we love.

As a result, we may also dream about drinking when we are facing a difficult period – and this dream could be telling us we are not dealing with our emotions in a healthy way.

After this dream, spend time analyzing your emotions and see what may have caused it and then try to find better ways of getting through the hard times – like speaking to your friends or perhaps writing your thoughts in a journal.

8. You don’t want to face issues

Another related interpretation may be that you have certain challenges in your life that you are hiding from rather than confronting.

Sometimes, it’s easier to hit the bottle rather than deal with issues, but the problem with this approach is that it doesn’t make those issues go away.

For this reason, this dream could be a warning that you are hiding from your troubles and refusing to face them – and that standing up and dealing with them head-on is a much more positive way to resolve any problems you have, however hard it might seem.

9. Regret or sadness about something


One more dream interpretation along the same lines is that you are feeling regret about something or that something has happened that left you feeling sad.

Again, in this dream, drinking alcohol represents your attempt to hide from your emotions rather than process them properly, but it also reminds you that you need to let your feelings out in a healthy way – or they will continue to poison your subconscious mind.

10. A relapse dream

If you have given up drinking or are a reformed alcoholic, dreaming about drinking alcohol could be what’s known as a relapse dream – a dream where you fall back into your old habits.

This is a common kind of dream that also occurs in those who have given up other addictions such as smoking or gambling.

However, if you have this dream, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to have a relapse, and it can actually strengthen your resolve to stay sober.

When you awake from such a dream, you may feel so relieved that it was only a dream, and it’s almost as though you’ve been given another chance to stay sober in real life having experienced a relapse while you slept.

Note also that this kind of dream may be triggered by stressful events in your life, so it’s important to try to understand what caused it so you can avoid succumbing to the need to drink again in real life.

11. Temptation by the devil

Finally, some people – for example, Christians or Muslims – might feel that a dream about drinking represents being tempted by the devil.

This is an interpretation that depends on your faith, and if you believe you have been tempted, you might choose to seek strength through prayer.

A dream that you should take the time to understand

As we have seen, there are many interpretations of dreaming about drinking alcohol, but however you view it, you should take the time to interpret your dream.

Then, through introspection and deep thought – and by following your intuition – you will be guided to the correct spiritual meaning of what you saw while you slept.

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