Dream of Stealing a Car (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream of Stealing a Car (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dreaming of stealing a car can be exciting or nerve-wracking, depending on whether you’re the thief or if it’s your car that has disappeared. While you may be quick to shrug it off as another strange dream, a stolen car dream is worth looking into, especially if it’s a part of recurring dreams you have been experiencing.

Our guide will break down how to interpret your dream of stealing a car, plus the most common car theft dream meanings and themes.

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How to Interpret a Dream of Stealing a Car

Dream interpretations aren’t just for psychoanalysts or psychics – you, too, can accurately interpret your dream with the right tools.

To find out what your dream of stealing says about your waking life, you’ll need to record the details, find their associations, analyze your emotions, and combine all the data to reach an accurate interpretation.

1. Record the Details

Sources say that we forget more than half of our dream within five minutes of waking up and almost all of the details within ten minutes. This is why you should keep a dream journal near your bed to record everything you remember about your dream when you wake up.

Write down all of the details, including the who, what, when, where, and whys of what happened. Don’t assume you’ll remember your dream this afternoon – studies have shown that every time we recollect a memory, we tend to alter it, so most memories can’t be trusted in the first place.

2. Discover Associations

Now that you have the accurate details listed find associations, or significance, within them. For example, if you dreamt about the car your mother had twenty years ago, write down what that car means to you or what memories it brings up. The same should be done for where your dream occurred, anyone who appeared in it, and any items you recognized.

3. Analyze Your Emotions

Think about how you felt in your dream and take note of it. Were you excited, fearful, or maybe even angry?

Next, consider how you felt when you woke up. Were you amused, relieved, or sad that the dream had come to an end? Be specific about identifying and naming your emotions.

4. Combine the Data

Now combine everything you’ve analyzed to build a narrative.

Perhaps you dreamt of your mother’s old car being stolen in a new neighborhood and you felt scared and, in your waking life, your mother has recently moved into a senior citizen residence. This dream could be reflecting the fear you and/or your mother have been experiencing about the change in living situation. You may be fearful you cannot protect her, just as the car couldn’t be protected.

Dream interpretations are about connecting your subconscious mind with your conscious one, learning from it, and using this information to grow and gain insight.

Common Themes for Stealing a Car

Stealing a car in real life is usually done for monetary gain. Stealing a car in a dream, however, reflects hidden desires, insecurities, and faults that we tend to ignore in our waking lives.

The following common themes appear in dreams of stealing a car – do any resonate with your own life?

1. A Desire for Something

If you were the car thief in the dream and stole the car for fun or a ride, you desire something that you don’t have in your personal life. This could be anything like a fulfilling profession, a home to call your own or even a stronger social network. Most of the time, however, this reflects a desire for more material possessions.

While you may be able to control your desires while awake, it’s time to address them. If left unattended, these desires can quickly turn into jealousy or even bitterness. If you’re already working towards your financial goals, keep at it, but if you feel stagnant and need more cash, now is the time to pick up a second job, start a side hustle, or finally aim for that promotion at work.

2. Feeling That You’re Not Enough

If you steal the car in your dream to escape a situation or because you don’t have another ride, you may see yourself as not enough. This type of dream will have you feeling nervous, guilty, or upset at the fact that you stole the car keys or vehicle.

Feeling inadequate is one of the most common insecurities and it has everything to do with self-confidence. In the dream, you weren’t able to get a car legally or escape the situation independently, so you had to stoop to stealing. Work on these feelings of inadequacy in your waking life by making executive decisions, completing them, and working on your skillset to make you a more valuable player and community member.

3. Craving Excitement

Let’s say your dream was a joyride filled with excitement and the exhilaration of danger. You may have woken up with your heart racing and your adrenaline pumping, smiling ear to ear. This dream of stealing shows that you crave more excitement while awake.

You may have reached your peak achievement or lack new scenarios to keep you on your toes. We all hit ruts in life and get stuck in the mundane once in a while. The good news is that you can always use your ambition and talent to find new opportunities, adventures, and ways to learn.

If you have a wild side or an addictive personality, this type of dream could also serve as an alarm. You need to spice things up in a healthy way before your bad habits get the best of you and you succumb to a dangerous adventure in the near future.

4. Facing Your Selfishness

It’s common knowledge that stealing is wrong and doing it in a dream is no different – especially if it’s done purely for fun or out of boredom. Some of these dreams also encompass feelings of envy.

If you stole a car in your dream because you were jealous, angry at the owner, or simply didn’t care about the repercussions, it’s time to face the selfishness in your real life. These feelings of arrogance and self-interest do not appear in the subconscious without taking root in the conscious.

Conduct a deep self-reflection and pinpoint areas in your life where you feel bitter, egoistic, or uncaring towards others. Work on these aspects even if you have to “fake it ‘till you make it.” Selfishness within a dream will end up harming the dreamer while awake, so deal with this sleeping dragon before it becomes a true problem.

5. Being Robbed

If you were the one whose car was robbed in the dream, this serves as a warning sign. Someone is not as trustworthy as they seem, so be on the lookout for suspicious behaviors, false friends, or a deal that seems too good to be true.

If you were hurt in the dream during the robbery, take special care of your health in the coming months. You may reach a point of burnout at work or face a health problem if you don’t treat your body with the care that it deserves.

If you were able to see the thief in your dream and recognize them, pay close attention to your relationship with them while awake. There is something within that relationship that needs to be addressed, and now is the time to clear the air.

Different Dreams of Stealing a Car

Certain dreams of stealing a car repeat across minds and cultures. If you’ve dreamt about any of these storylines, in particular, you can strengthen your dream interpretation and dive further into your subconscious thinking.

1. Stealing Someone Else’s Car

Having a dream where you steal the car of someone you know points to relationship issues you have with that person. You may be jealous of the attention they get from those around you or want something that they have. If this person brings up some of your anxieties, you may be intimidated by their confidence, knowledge, or demeanor.

If the theft occurs at your workplace, you are trying to get more out of your professional life than your job is giving you. This shows that you hold some contempt towards your job towards the role in general or perhaps towards a colleague that has treated you as an inferior.

2. Having Your Car Stolen

Realizing your car is missing brings about a whole lot of worries and stress – even more so if you see the robbery happen before your eyes. How you respond and feel in this type of dream is especially telling.

If the dream of your car being stolen makes you sad, nervous, and upset, you are harboring a fear of loss in your real life. Many people live in fear, whether they recognize it or not, and you are doing this by doubting that good things in your life will stick around.

Learn to trust the process and accept the good with gratitude. Keeping your emotions in check will let you see tough times as lessons and good times as enjoyable and well-deserved.

3. Stealing and Crashing a Car

If you steal a car in your dream and face obstacles like the police, other vehicles, trees, or dead-ends, you may end up crashing. This kind of dream shows that you aren’t on the right path in your own life. If you don’t straighten up and make the right decision in your current situation, you’re bound to end up facing similar problems and “crashing,” so to speak, while awake.

You may be strong-willed or even stubborn when it comes to doing things. Sometimes this can be a virtue, but right now it is a vice. Use your inner wisdom – not your inner ego – to ask others for guidance and choose to take the morally correct path.

4. Stealing a Getaway Car

If you’ve stolen a car to get away from another crime, such as a robbery or fight, your subconscious is trying to run away from a past problem you never dealt with. This could be something you did wrong or it could be a past trauma or hurt that you haven’t gotten over.

There’s only so much running that one person can do before they get caught or give in. It’s time to sit down and realize that all the success in the world won’t fix your past issues unless you face them head-on first.

5. Stealing a Car and Getting Caught

If you steal the dream car and get caught by the owner or the police, you’ve surely felt that all was lost. After all, stealing a car is often classified as a felony and can be punishable by years in prison and a lifelong criminal record.

Getting caught in your dream means you have guilt about something you’ve done or said recently. This act could be as small as speaking rudely to someone you know or as big as deceiving a loved one.

While you may be able to ignore it while awake, this guilt seeps into your subconscious and demands to be reckoned with. Now may be the time to apologize and make amends.

6. Stealing a Car as a Passenger

If you were a passenger while a car was stolen, you may be a victim or an accomplice to the crime.

Being present as a victim while the car was stolen shows that you are out of control of the situation and, in reflection, your life. You feel that your decisions are being hijacked by the opinions and pressures of others. It’s time to sit down, think about what you really want, and reorganize your life according to your desires and no one else’s.

If you were an accomplice to the crime, this means you feel you’re riding on someone else’s coattails. This expression means that your success depends on someone else, whether that be a coworker, spouse, or relative.


Dreams have long provided insight into our inner fears, worries, and inadequacies so that we can work on them and improve our daily lives. Identifying the details and associations within your dream will provide greater wisdom and clarity for your waking life.

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