Dream about Deceased Mother (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream about Deceased Mother (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

One of the most important persons in our life, our mother leaves an impact on us that we can never forget. And sometimes we may find ourselves dreaming about our deceased mother.

Dreams of a deceased mother can bring comfort, but can also be terrifying and confusing.  Far from being a bad omen, dreams about deceased relatives are common and may indicate your acceptance of the loss.

It is also important to remember that dreams are symbolic, so you need to consider the context of the dream for clues about its meaning.

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Dream about Deceased Mother (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

1. You don’t feel content with your life

Dreams about a mother’s death may mean that you are not where you would like to be in real life. You may be having feelings of anxiety and sadness, especially if you are in a place in life when you don’t know what to do or who you are.

When your mother was alive, she might have been the person who always gave you the best advice and taught you what to do. You used to look up to her guidance and wisdom. And now, with her gone, you feel lost.

This dream might come as a message from her, as she is trying to help you find yourself, your path, and the things you would like to do in your life, as she once did. You may feel alone, but you are a reflection of her, and the things she taught you are now a part of you. With this in mind, think about what she would have done in your place, and try to regain your balance and make her proud.

2. Change is imminent

This dream means you need to prepare for change. This is because your mother figure represents stability, security, and comfort in your life. Dreaming of an absent loved one can be a sign of change on the horizon.

But dreams about deceased mothers also show that there’s something better waiting for you on the other side of this change. You may be feeling overwhelmed by the loss of something important in your life right now, so dreaming about your mother can help you see that there are other things out there for you to discover and enjoy once this transition is complete.

3. You regret that the relationship between you wasn’t great

With the death of your mother, it’s like she’s taking all of that with her—and your relationship with her may feel broken or incomplete. It can feel like a tragedy that she’s gone forever and all you are left with is regret and trauma.

The circumstances of your dream can be different. Maybe she was smiling, or maybe she was crying. Maybe she was waiting for you in the kitchen with a hot meal, or maybe she was standing on the other side of a door that wouldn’t open. The details of your dream may be different, but the feeling is always the same: it’s a reminder of your mom’s love for you.

Dreaming about your mother can mean that you miss her and wish she were still here. It can also mean that you have unresolved feelings regarding her—maybe you need to ask for forgiveness or apologize for something. It could even mean that some aspects of your life require some major adjustment or change.

If this is happening to you right now, don’t worry! Your late mother is always watching over you, even in her afterlife—and dreaming about her is just one way she gets in touch with us here on Earth and eases your feelings of guilt.

4. You are in need of safety

According to dream expert and author David Fontana, “The dead appear in dreams to remind us of our spiritual heritage and to give us comfort.” If you had a good relationship with your mother, as a child and even as an adult she was always there for you, she may be trying to tell you something about yourself or your life.

And the dream of your dead mother might signify that you are in a place in life where you feel unprotected and alone. Your mother used to be the one who was always there for you and knew how to keep bad influences out of your life, and without her, you crave that feeling of comfort and protection.

Maybe it’s a situation at your job where you feel outspoken and treated badly and no one is there to help you. It can even be a bad relationship with a friend or partner. Either way, these dreams come as a warning that your subconscious mind needs a parental figure in their lives. You need someone who can nurture and help you through tough times, someone that you know we can always count on. Try to find it in a friend, family member, or professional, and learn how to better process your grief and negative feelings.

5. The way you act reminds you of your mother

We tend to see our mothers in our dreams because we are always linked to them. We analyze our own behavior when we see it in her, and this can lead us to dream about her.

When you dream of your dead parents, it means that the way you react in your waking life reminds you of her. For example, if she was always kind and helpful while alive, and now that she’s gone, you often find yourself doing something kind for someone else without even thinking about it, then that reminds you of her when you dream about her.

And if she was always kind but also critical or negative towards other people, then that may be why your subconscious is telling you about itself through dreams with your deceased mother as a character. Maybe it’s because she had a trait or quality that you’ve been struggling with recently.

Dreams are weird—and they can be hard to interpret. But by looking at how your mother appears in this dream, we can see what parts of your personality she represents for you and how those parts are affecting you right now.

6. You are your biggest critic

If you recall a negative dream about your deceased mother, it could be a sign that you’re your own worst critic. If your mother judges you in a dream, it means that you’re subconsciously feeling troubled about your actions—but the fact that she’s dead means that she doesn’t hold any power over how you feel. Instead, she can only reflect to you what she sees in yourself: judgmental thoughts and feelings.

Whether or not those actions are wrong is irrelevant: the fact that she’s judging you means that you know what the right thing would have been and that you didn’t do it.

You may be feeling like a disappointment, but you also know you did your best, and this is all that matters. This dream is telling you one thing: You need to stop being so hard on yourself and keep the resentment of the past, and you will grow and heal.

7. A hard period is coming in the near future

Seeing your dead mother and talking to her in a dream means you feel you are about to undergo a big transformation and go through some tough times. You subconsciously feel like you will need someone’s help, and your mother used to be the one you always counted on.

Others think that our dreams might be a doorway to the hereafter. They think that parenting guidance from the deceased is exactly what it seems to be—messages to direct us in our life without them.

Maybe this is your mother’s soul that’s coming to you to encourage you. This is her way to give you strength and stability now that she is gone. No matter what you think, it’s a wise decision to pay attention to any advice you receive.

It has importance whether it was created from culled memories or was a direct communication from your dead mother. Take this dream as a sign to never give up and fight for what you believe in, and you will see that at the end of the day it is worth it.


Hearing or seeing your dead mother in a dream will most likely be a really emotional experience. It may give you mixed feelings, depending on your relationship with her while she was alive, but try to see why this is happening.

Whether you need advice, comfort, or a way to process your feelings, know that you will always have your mother figure to help you. Take this dream as it is and learn from its interpretation as much as you can. And you still feel like you are struggling, there is no shame in talking to a therapist to help you go through it.

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