Dream Of Hurting Someone (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

Dream Of Hurting Someone

People often have strange and unusual dreams that seemingly have no cause and usually make the dreamer wonder why they have them. One of those is the dream about hurting someone, which in most cases, makes the dreamer anxious and confused.

If you had this dream, you are probably thinking about whether you hate that person unknowingly or have an issue with them, which is why you see yourself hurting them in your dream.

Seeing some violence in our dreams is expected because, unfortunately, we are surrounded by violence in our waking life. So what does it mean? First, dreaming about hurting someone is connected to losing control, suppressed feelings, internal or external conflict, and a desire to settle down.

Before we dive into the numerous meanings and symbolism of this dream, you must remember who you hurt in your dream and whether there was something that stood out to you. These details can make a considerable difference in interpreting this dream and help you understand why you have it.

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Dream Of Hurting Someone (Interpretation & Spiritual Meaning)

1. You Are Fed Up

Violence in our dreams is generally related to intense and suppressed feelings, meaning that lately, you have been under a lot of stress or experienced a series of unfortunate situations that have left a mark on you.

If you feel that nothing has been going your way and whatever you do turns out to be a failure, you might have this dream because you are fed up with everything, and your suppressed feelings are beginning to show.

That is why you are hurting someone in your dream– that someone represents the obligations, life’s difficulties, and the current situation that you are trying to eliminate from your life.

Feeling overwhelmed is usually caused by some financial crisis, the loss of a loved one, or health concerns. Take this dream as a sign to reflect on your emotional state, actions, and reactions, try to change your perspective, and learn how to cope with stress.

2. Internal or External Conflict

Violent dreams have numerous interpretations, one of which is a conflict- within you, with the societies you live in, or with the people around you. For example, you may have recently gotten in many verbal altercations or are generally dissatisfied with your environment.

This can relate to your professional or romantic life. For example, some dream experts see this dream as a sign of a conflict with a particular lover, which hints that they question your loyalty, passion, and devotion.

So, your subconscious mind is trying to send you a hidden message through this dream. It can also mean that you have some internal issues- you are doubting your own values, want to change your life, and set up new goals, but somehow you always end up in the same place.

3. You Need To Modify Your Behavior

If you dream of hurting someone you deeply care about, that can hint that you have a challenging personality and behavior.

Usually, the person with this issue is entirely unaware, exacerbating their problems and creating more tension between them and their relatives, colleagues, and friends.

Maybe you are walking on a thin line with your comments, reactions, and generally your actions toward those around you, pushing their boundaries and constantly provoking them.

Often your subconscious mind will pick up these clues, which include verbal and physical reactions such as an eye roll or a loud sigh.

If you want to be on your best behavior and stop annoying others, you can try to self-reevaluate, contemplate your actions, and try changing one bad habit at a time and your life goals.

4. A New Direction

Although the dream of hurting someone does not sound like it can be connected to any positive interpretation, actually, it can. Many dream experts believe this dream is a sign of creativity, potential, and ambition.

The person you hurt in your dream is usually a representation of something that bothers you or you want to let go of, so hurting it does not necessarily mean that you have aggressive tendencies and pose a threat to society.

It is your way of coping and dealing with a particular situation. For example, maybe you are hurting or letting go of your doubts, worries, and hesitation and are starting a new life and embracing new experiences. It can also connect your sensitivity and spirituality.

Maybe you will take on a different view of things and a new perspective. Please take it as a sign of a new surge of energy that will guide you and set you on a firm path to achieving your goals and becoming the best version.

5. Degradation of Your Psychological Being

If you dreamt of hurting yourself or someone very close to you, that could be a sign of the degradation of your psychological being.

How? Well, you are betraying yourself in a way either by diminishing your potential, wishes, and aspirations to fit other people’s image or just to earn their acceptance and respect.

This dream draws your conscious mind’s attention to reflect on how you treat yourself and your feelings, which are highly important. For example, all humans crave acceptance, approval, and validation because it makes us feel safe and secure.

However, in the long run, you might hurt yourself in real life by not believing in yourself and limiting your power. It would help if you took on a different outlook, started trusting your hunches, and nurtured your instinctual nature.

It can also pertain to your relationships, perhaps you are emotionally invested much more than the other person, and your subconscious mind is aware of that.

6. You Are Holding A Grudge

If the person you see in your dream is an ex-boyfriend or someone you despise and dislike, this dream confirms that feeling.

For example, dreaming about hurting your boyfriend might signify that you still hold a grudge and have never forgiven him for whatever he has done to you. Dreaming about someone can show you how you feel about them in real life.

You see yourself hurting him because you want to even the score and set yourself free of those negative feelings.

If you a using a weapon, such as a knife, sword, or gun, in the dream, try to remember which one you used to hurt the person in your dream. The particular weapon can possess a symbolic value for you and provide you with more information.

For example, if you are shooting someone from a distance, that can be a sign of displaced or distant anger. On the other hand, you can also hurt people by using sharp words, insults, and mockery. Therefore, this dream scenario usually points to issues you have with yourself.

7. You Are Hurting

According to Dr. Angel Morgan, the former president of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and the founder of Dreambridge, violent dreams are a reflection of our emotions, current concerns, and worries in waking life.

So if you dream about hurting someone, you are either hurting or trying to deal with the negative aspects of your life. Violent dreams do not mean that you will necessarily become a killer if you dreamt of killing someone.

It means that you are harboring pain and trauma, and your subconscious mind tries to deal with those negative feelings by dreaming about killing or hurting someone.

Generally, dreams help us to process our emotions, and the mechanism of rapid eye movement (REM) is very important for mental health.

8. You Are Reflecting On Your Life

As mentioned, dreaming about hurting someone usually has to do more with you that the person you hurt. Therefore, their presence in the dreams is symbolic and reflects something currently happening in your life or something you often think about.

It is a sign that you are reevaluating your life and your choices. Maybe deep down, you believe that you need to change your stance regarding your spiritual self or the environment and gain deeper knowledge.

Maybe you think you should raise your environmental awareness, especially if you see yourself hurting animals or damaging nature in some way.

Ask yourself what has happened recently, or is there someone new in your circle of friends that made you doubt your thought process, goals, and direction your life is taking?

Maybe you have this dream for a reason- you are rushing with some decision that might make you regret it later.

This dream has an important message- you need to look deeper within yourself and try to unlock your hidden thoughts and feelings to get to the bottom of the dream.


Dreaming about hurting someone can have different interpretations depending on the particular dream, the person you are harming, the environment, and the weapon.

Although it sounds unlikely, it can signify a new beginning, harmony, ritualistic purification of negative thoughts, and reflection on your life.

On the other hand, it can show you how you currently feel or your emotions about the person in your dream, your bad behavior, and your suppressed feelings.

Always remember that dreaming about violence can result from your environment- if you often play violent video games and watch violent movies, that can be a reason you see yourself hurting someone.

Have you had this dream? How did it make you feel? Could you share your experience with us? Don’t be shy, and feel free to ask if you have any doubts about your dream.

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